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Sunday, September 11, 2016

gravitational fact

1. Larger masses have greater gravity

One day God came and ask for one man'' dear son ask me wishes '', and the man says that'' I would like to visit the different planet ''.and god give wishes, then he started to visit the planet. when he visited the planet his weight is the increase in larger masses planet and a decrease in small masses planet.   This above story is not real it only imagines but it is real that, if it is possible to man can visit different planet then the weight comes different in different planet .larger masses planet have large weight and smaller masses planet have small weight . for example Someone who weighs 150 pounds on Earth would — if it were possible to stand on Jupiter — weight a whopping 354 pounds on the enormous gas giant.

2. ''if we drop two things from the building then they fall down in same  time''
you have seen in south Indian movies when the girl falls down from building then after some time boy jumps down and catch does it possible ?? It is gravitation rule ''if we drop two things from building then they fall down in same  time'' , then how that possible ?that is not possible gravitation rule say that the girl and boy fall in different time then they come on surface in different time, and you can ask me that if we throw the stone and feather then we drop freely does the come on surface same time ? you have clear that air resistance depends on the mass and volume.

3. Food Doesn’t Taste Same In Space
one day one scientist decides to visit space, his wife makes different delicious food for him and gives him. He brings that thing and goes for space, but when he eats food in space he doesn't get any test and started vomiting, In space, there is no gravity to pull down fluids – astronaut’s sinuses get clogged up and they can’t really taste much of anything.

Astronauts do not consume carbonated drinks because in space it is hard to separate the liquid and gas in the stomach which leads to ‘wet burp’ (similar to vomiting)

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