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Monday, July 29, 2019

Do you have depression This can be avoided Suicide without proper treatment - Women are more affected than men

Are you having more time to spend? Is panic dying and anger and depression growing? Feeling sad all day long? Interest in anything going down?

If the answer is positive, then you need to be careful. You should go to the concerned doctor soon. It may even be a symptom of depression or depression. Depression affects your experience, behavior, and thinking, causing emotional and physical problems. As the disease progresses, not only do you find your daily activities difficult, but your life becomes meaningless.

Depending on how far-reaching it may be, depression is the result of the suicide of many famous people, including singer Yum Budha.

Depression is the only suicide without proper treatment.

But this does not happen suddenly. The signal starts to appear for a long time. We are slowly suffering from depression, but we do not know that this is happening.

'If you stop believing in something, if you do not want to meet someone, if you are just playing with your mind, you are suffering from depression, even in pleasant conditions,' said senior psychiatrist Dr. "If you see such symptoms, you should seek the advice of a health worker or a psychiatrist," says Vidyadev Sharma.

Likewise, lack of sleep at night, waking up suddenly at bedtime, irritability, regrets, frustration, and overwhelming self-esteem are also symptoms of depression.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), depression is a common mental disorder. Every year more than 100 million people in all age groups of the world suffer from the disease. The prevalence of depression is estimated to increase by 3 percent from 1 to 5, the WHO said. It is effective in treating glaucoma.

Depression is a leading cause of disability worldwide. It is also one of the most contagious diseases in the world. Women are more affected by depression than men.

Excessive depression is the result of ill-health. About 100,000 people commit suicide annually in the world. Suicide is the second leading cause of death in the age group of 3-5 years.

According to a government study, suicide is the leading cause of death in women aged 3-5 years in Nepal. Similarly, even though the second death toll in this group is referred to as an accident, it is difficult to say what percentage of such accidents are hidden or hidden. Sharma explains.

According to the WHO, despite the known effective treatment for depression, less than half of the world's population (less than 5 percent of work in many countries) receive such treatment.

In our country, depression has increased in the disease as well as the number of doctors seeking treatment for it has increased. The social support system in Nepal is much less than before, pointing to the fact that senior psychiatrist Dr. Nirakaraman Shrestha says, “In the past, being a joint family, there was cooperation, support, and affection for each other. There is no such situation now due to single-family, young population migrating from the country, etc. It is also a factor of increasing depression. '

Another reason is the increasing isolation lifestyle in our country right now. Competition is very high in every area. In the young population, the pressure is high. The expectations of parents, teachers, relatives are very high for them. Depression is increasing in the younger generation despite the pressure to relieve it.
The use of drugs, alcohol, etc. in various ways is also contributing to depression. Shrestha adds, 'Increasing consumption of alcoholic beverages, including beer, wine, among young people, is the cause of depression.'

Dr. Pahlavi points out that the unrealistic wishes that parents have for their children are a factor in adolescent suicide. Sharma says, "Parents who love and marry their children are struggling while talking on mobile."

What is Depression?
We all feel sad for some time in our lives. But depression is much more serious, long, and tragic.

It is natural for an event or cause to be disturbed for two weeks or less. But persistent depression for more than two weeks can be a symptom of depression. Depression is not madness.

Similarly, depression may also be due to some therapeutic causes, such as low thyroid activation, side effects of some medications.

Why Depression?
At present, there is a big gap between what we are looking for and what we have found. The aspiration that the media has influenced by the masses is not achieved because of the socio-economic conditions.
If people's aspirations are too high and the income is too low, it is also a factor of depression. Sharma explains.

Stress causes disturbance to many hormone levels in the body. Stress significantly increases adrenalin and cortisol hormone levels, among others. Depression is caused by constant stress.
Constant stress causes brain cells and the hippocampus to collapse. The hippocampus is an area of ​​the brain that remembers something new and retains old memories. People who have a family history of depression are more likely to become depressed. In addition, some genetic changes in the chromosome may also cause depression.

Dr stress can also be considered as a factor in depression in countries including Nepal, even as social, political, economic uncertainty and stress on individuals and groups. Sharma explains.

How to Avoid
In order to avoid depression, we must reassess our aspirations. In parents, parents should teach their children the skills of aspiration control. This can help children avoid future depression. Don't take unnecessary stress. Regular meditation can be helpful if you have depression, anxiety, insomnia.

The healing process
Depression is cured by eating the drug. Psychotherapy is also an integral part of its treatment. There is an effective cure for depression. If not treated properly, the end of the disease is suicide.

What to do if you feel depressed?
    - Talk to your heart with someone you trust. Most people feel good about talking to someone who cares about them.
    - Get expert help. A psychiatrist or health worker can help you.
    - With proper family support, your illness can be cured soon.
    - Remember the joys you had when you were healthy.
    - Exercise regularly, even if it is a short distance walk.
    - Keep in touch with everyone. Meet regularly with family and friends.
    - Maintain regular eating and sleeping habits.
    - Do not use alcohol, including alcohol.
    - If the desire for suicide grows, contact someone to divert attention.

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