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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

What is Depression ?, Its Symptoms and Remedies

what is Depression ?, Its Symptoms and Remedies

At different times, we may suffer from depression. Depression can nullify people's enthusiasm. Depression has led some to attempt suicide. Depression has the effect of causing fear and anxiety within the person, making the heartache, leading to loneliness.
Depression is a type of mental illness. Symptoms of depression, depression, depression, and depression are signs of depression. Depression is a state of sadness. Therefore, even depression can be a mental illness. Depressive symptoms, such as being overwhelmed by heart, with no ego, or with poor moods, can last for more than two weeks.
Depression can happen to people of any age or gender. International research has shown that 1 in 6 people have depression. Therefore, the problem of depression is becoming a global concern and concern. Depression is cured. However, this condition needs to be identified and treated early. The symptoms, treatment and prevention measures for depression are as follows:

Symptoms of depression

1. Little or no sleep,
2. Feeling restless or sluggish at the sight of others,
3. Unable to make decisions or concentrate,
4 Being depressed all day,
5. Feeling disrespectful to yourself and feeling helpless,
6. Feeling tired all the time,
7. Starving, changing food tastes,
8. Weight loss,
9. Frequently thinking about death,
10 To stop doing what you love,
11 Do not be happy and do not feel overwhelmed by anything

In our brain, there is a chemical called 'neurotransmitter' which acts to balance the mental state. If not, such chemicals in the brain are not sufficiently depressed. If a family member ever had such a disease and severe mental injury in childhood, it is possible to get depression. Likewise, depression leads to depression, chronic illness, and mental stress. Depression can be estimated in any person who has the above-mentioned symptoms for a period of two weeks or longer. If left untreated, these symptoms can last for weeks, months, or even years and can have serious health effects.
Most people and family members who have depression problems try to hide it. Most do not even know that depression is cured. People who know depression treat depression as a more common problem. Depression is again linked to 'insanity'. People want to avoid this problem out of the family as much as possible. The big problem is the same thinking. If depression spreads the awareness that disease is a cure and healing, many can get rid of it. Treatment for depression is not as easy as treating other diseases. Depression is treated in two ways. One through specialist consultation and the other using medication.
1. Drug treatment of depression
Depression does not have to be cured by medication. If the cause of the illness is not improved, then after using the drug, the patient can go back to depression. The 'antidepressant' given to depression sufferers increases the activity of brain chemicals affecting the patient's thinking. Typically, such medicines need to be taken for up to 6 months. However, such medications may need to be consumed in the long run depending on the patient's condition and disease complexity or age.

2. Counseling & Therapy of depression
Finding the cause of an illness caused by depression is the key to healing half the disease. Expert counselors and psychiatrists play a big role in detecting the cause of depression and getting patients out of it. Scientific lab tests, such as other diseases, do not say the cause of depression. Since this problem is linked to mental illness, proper counseling is the first basis for curing the disease. Here are the main ways to relieve depression without using drugs.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy of depression
The process of individually evaluating a patient's thinking style through various questionnaires and exercises is called cognitive behavior therapy. It teaches skills to view and resolve situations differently.

2.Personal Therapy of depression
Interpersonal therapy is a method of finding a problem by focusing on the patient's relationship and the innermost things. Some may find it difficult to communicate with others about secrets and deep feelings or deep wounds. Such problems make people depressed. Counselors and psychotherapists try to dig into what is hidden inside the heart and find out what is not known outside.

Electro Convulsing Therapy (use of electric shock) of depression
Depression sufferers have reached the untouchable stage even with medication and counseling, and electric shock, Electro Convulsing Therapy, is used. This is considered as a last resort. If the patient is in critical condition then an electric shock is given to the brain.

Preventive measures of depression
- Be physically active,
- Making time for fun work,
- Spending time with your colleagues,
- Meditating,
- Not too ambitious,
- Eat a balanced and nutritious diet,
- Avoid smoking and drinking addiction,
- If any symptoms of depression appear, consult a specialist doctor


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