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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

What is depression? These are the things you need to know about depression ... how to become mentally healthy?

Depression is a disease seen long ago. Depression is a disease found in many people. Depression in the lifetime is estimated to be 5 percent in men and 5 percent in women, the World Health Organization said.

Depressive illnesses are considered to be different. There are problems with complaining of frequent treatment, many examinations but no disease. Some patients have also been suicidal due to the same pain. Depression is a symptom seen in many organs at once.

Some patients get intoxicated, shake hands, shake their hands, say silica, the body is hot. When the disease is not detected, they visit many drugstores. Some patients go to Dhamizhankari

The causes of depression in Nepal are the main causes of familial strife, failure of work, the expulsion of husband, death of kin, death of relatives, living abroad, loss of business, quitting employment, abstaining from parents in infancy, and political imbalance.

Some depression sufferers do not sleep or sleep at night. Depression sufferers dream so much. Many depression sufferers find themselves unsuccessful and pessimistic about the future. Some come to the doctor with symptoms of sexual dysfunction.

If the symptoms of depression appear for at least 6 weeks then the disease can be confirmed. The exact cause of depression is not known in women, but it is estimated that the disease is more prevalent as women are less able to bear it.

 There are many Nepalis who suffer from depression. Some patients initially have symptoms such as headaches, forgetfulness, loss of self-esteem, feeling overwhelmed, and unable to see when the person is hurt.

Depression manifests in people. The symptoms vary accordingly. Some depression sufferers are more inclined to anger, preferring to be alone.

Physical illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, thyroid gland, and chronic patients are more likely to develop later depression. Depression also causes some patients to get stuck in the throat, cry themselves to cancer, panic about dying, worry about family and hopelessness in life.

Depression sufferers may not even notice what is needed, such as seeing a sick person on the street or feeling anxious and anxious when they see a dead person. Depression sufferers always argue unnecessarily based on the same phenomenon. For example, if you fail 3 times in the exam, now you will always fail. Which is wrong.

Some depression patients suffer from negative thinking. Even if you do not have such thoughts in your mind, it can make you feel tired. City scan, YRI, for depression patients showed no problem. However, serotonin and norepinephrine appear to be deficient in the brain when tested for neurotransmitters.

Depression is a complex disease. There are many different types of depression. And the symptoms also vary according to the type. Timely treatment will cure the disease. It is difficult for many doctors to identify this disease.

Some depression patients also have symptoms such as tremors, tremors, sudden fainting, no palpitation, loss of body sensation, nausea or vomiting.

It has also been found that some patients suffer from depressive illness due to the strange symptoms of beatings and witchcraft charges. Depression sufferers, who account for about one-third of all mental illnesses, prefer to think that they have nausea.

3 percent of people in the community suffer from depression. Unrecognizable because they cannot be treated. Depression is the main cause of suicide in the community.

What problems do patients with depression experience?

- Patients describe themselves as having symptoms of headaches.
- Some patients suspect cancer.
- Some are afraid that something may be stuck in their throat.
- Some say there is a problem with the sexual organs.
- Some patients complain of stomach upset, stomach upset.
- Someone reaches out to a cardiologist saying they have heart disease.
- Some complaint about backache and arthritis problems.
- Some complain that food is deficient in indigestion and digestion.
- Some people tremble and talk and believe in witchcraft.
- Someone suddenly says he was awake.
- Depression sufferers prefer to be alone in a quiet place.
- Some worry and worry about their lives.

How to become mentally healthy?

- Do not think deeply about unnecessary things.
- Accepting the achievements of others and being happy.
- Don't believe in the old orthodox things that are currently being falsified.
- Learn to be happy, contented and happy in everything.
- Be content with what you have, but not work hard.
- Avoid these items, as there is a high likelihood of getting mental illness when consuming drugs, alcohol, drugs.
- Competing health in daily life.
- To end the environment of evil in society, home, and family.
- Don't be too moral and don't expect too much from others.
- Make a habit of telling your problems to your family and friends, which can help to reduce your anxiety.
- Keep your mind calm.
- Yoga, exercise.
- Enjoying, giving family time.
-Speaking of the heart.

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