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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

What is possible in a classroom?

Let's do the school classroom. Just as a teacher emphasizes the importance in his or her classroom, reading and learning improve. Likewise, the classroom has its own significance for learning and teaching. The teacher has to teach the child in the classroom by placing a blackboard, a piece of chalk, a duster, some charts. The Kadmi school administration has to take initiative for improvement.

Some schools have enough material and some don't. This leads to distractions in students who do not have the coordination of learning in the classroom. It does not seem to have caught the attention of the officer overseeing the contents. The teachers and school administration themselves are fully aware that students learn more by making them more active than the teacher's lecture method. Even though I know, the facts of what is being taught in the classroom are known to be sustainable, but today the educational quality of the education sector is being hampered by the practice of not practicing.

The classroom should be a place for learning. Content and activity should keep students in the habit. And let the teacher's behavior change the learning so that the classroom becomes a dynamic space for activity. There is no doubt that alone plays a vital role in maintaining the quality of education. After reading a textbook lesson, the students will be happy to read the book if they bring a book of their favorite story or poem to read.

If these activities are to be carried out in the classroom during teaching, students' ability to read and learn will grow. Not only this, the curiosity of how to read with others who are seeking to become self-confident, self-reliant and creative. A classroom is a gathering place for students of different types. With their social, home-based, neighborhoods, and people from different backgrounds having different backgrounds, it is not uncommon for them to move from teaching to school to discipline and discipline. No matter what obstacles may arise in the classroom, no one can doubt that the blame for society will be removed if the teacher has to bear the burden of the responsibility of not stopping his or her teaching and teaching.

The school administration should bring in a package of teachers' initiatives for active classroom management. That is, economic, practical numerical, bells, reconciliation, and food items, etc., so that teachers can have the environment they want to receive during their teaching, and only teachers have the hard work and sense of responsibility. And apart from the alleged, many teachers, students and parents seem to lack the feeling that this school belongs to me. The teachers are continuing the syllabus and textbook created by the government for the purpose of teaching. However, returns have not been received, according to Search. Successful classroom teaching is implemented by the teacher. Some teachers think that having a parent involved is a headache. With the help and cooperation of all, the teaching work can be improved. If that teaching is not from a teacher, then it is advisable to move on to another career.

The teacher should transform the classroom into a lively place for learning. Students have learned many things. The enthusiasm and self-confidence of these students also increase the awareness of the teachers. Even among the students themselves, it would make sense that this is my own classroom. They emphasize the school's classroom more than home at home, are stressed, and eager to learn, and have no exercise in keeping the classroom clean and disciplined. That is how their personalities developed. The society will not hesitate to support the spirit of the school with a very positive spirit.

Teaching is an art. The teacher who knows how to develop and teach it as art must learn how to do it. Keeping that in mind can lead to exhaustion and laziness while continuing the teaching work, keeping students in mind, taking out a copy of a painting and making them busy drawing what you like. The teacher begins to relax for a while, but the teacher may have little or no activity. Students enjoy painting only when all the necessary materials are available. Then they should also be given enough time. The teacher should not be alarmed. No one has any doubt that the activities that are active in both will be fruitful. Schools should also be financially sound.

Due to the pattern of blaming the teachers, the classroom activities of the schools are becoming unstoppable. Parents who consider themselves strong and upper-class, believe in the name of a private school. And those parents and intellectuals enjoy the politics of politics in government schools. In order to live and look good, management in schools must incorporate new programs and new styles. Even after all the management has been made, the teachers and administrators who have put the school in critical condition must be changed. If they cannot proceed in a different way than other schools, then their existence will be at risk. Students are now in the age of learning from technology, not from nature. Parents are still found everywhere, beating my child. Everyone needs a high-grade score. But is man's ability to be measured by numbers? The creative student is left far behind in terms of numbers and percentages. It is always advisable to consider the educational development of the school and the changing aspect of classroom teaching activities as more than a negative one. We are citizens of a country where teachers are prohibited when a computer is used by a European country. Change is not something like a magic wand.

When we all study each other, there is a vast difference in the school education that our children are currently witnessing, rather than the state of school education. A classroom should be the beginning of a student's future and plan. Where there should be classroom windows, a deck bench, and a carpet-free classroom. The government should also make the environment available to the teachers in the schools' classrooms by purchasing long-lasting and high-quality items, in addition to materials available to the teacher in the local environment. Teacher scholars are also raising these demands.

Teachers also know what the classrooms are capable of. It can be identified and put into practice. Identify and work for the benefit of the students. By entering the classroom only, the theoretical practice of sharing with students has been widely practiced in community schools. The relevant body has not been able to make that change. It seems possible for a teacher to change many things in the classroom. That is, active management classrooms, activity-friendly classrooms, democratic methods of answering questions, arranging furniture, arranging exercises, and teachers entering the classroom with a plan in place. Important in the educational development of the area Would help to change.

In the end, the joint effort of teachers, parents, stakeholders, and the government to make the classroom a learning space is possible. In a classroom, there are a variety of problems, such as lack of bus management, lack of proper management of window-to-door blackout, and the possibility of injury to a student without the ability to deck bench according to age and ability. While these things may be managed by most teachers, not everything should be handled with negative thinking. If the content of the textbook is taught in the classroom while studying the contents and what is possible in the classroom, then, of course, the teacher can change the look of the teacher and improve the classroom, but the environment they enter into the classroom with confidence is related to the management of the school administrator. With the help of all, a class can be transformed and action-oriented. No one disagrees.

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