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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Who Made Universe

We can easily say that how universe made but is so hard to give answer who can be made the universe. God did not create the universe,then who create the universe?
Big bang theory is the one  answer of how universe is made,
The Hubble Ultra Deep Field is a picture of an entire galaxy of about 3,000 galaxies.

The galaxies in the picture are of different shapes, ages and colors. About 8 small red galaxies have been reported so far. It has been estimated to exist for 100 million years. The nearest large, bright, well-known, spherical galaxy has evolved since 3 billion years ago, and it is estimated that the universe is 2 billion years old.The fact that the invisible force or matter (Dark Energy and Dark Matter) is expanding and operating the universe has surprised anyone who searches for space.Here are some amazing and exciting facts about the cosmos in which we live:

How old is the universe

The universe came into being after the Big Bang or the Great Depression. The outbreak is estimated to be around 1.2 billion years ago. (About 100 million years ago or later)Astronomers have calculated this by measuring the density of matter and the density of matter in the universe. This made it easier for them to assess how fast the universe was expanding. As a result, the graduates are said to be able to gain momentum by reaching the point of Bigbang. The age of the universe is determined from the current state of the Great Depression.

The universe is expanding

In 1979, space scientist Edwin Hubbell discovered that the universe was in a constant state of flux. However, there is also the perception that the gravitational pull of cosmic matter is slowing the spread of the universe by linking those substances to one another.In 1969, the Hubble Space Telescope studied the distant supernova (suddenly shining stars), showing that the universe was expanding at a much slower pace than it was a long time ago. This strange fact indicates that an invisible force (Dark Energy) is moving and expanding the universe. It is believed that dark energy or strange forces are still increasing the speed of spreading to any part of the universe. This is a great mystery to science, scientists have also given this power to the elusive power.Mysterious Dark Energy is not only expanding the universe, it is also believed to be conducting every element of the universe at a rapid pace.In 1979, two groups of scientists announced that the universe was not only expanding but also rotating. According to researchers, the farthest galaxy on Earth is moving farther away than other galaxies.Albert Einstein's theory of general relativity also proved that the universe is rotating.Scientists also reevaluated Einstein's theory to understand how the indescribable Dark Energy is resisting gravity and moving the universe at a certain speed.Three scientists have won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1979 for their discovery that the universe is still expanding.

The universe may be darker

The size of the universe depends on the conflict between gravity and the speed of the dispersion. If the density of the universe is based on a certain value, then the universe can close in a sphere. This does not mean that the universe does not extend to eternity but does not have an end. In this case the universe will eventually stop flowing and disappear on its own. That situation is named Big Crunch.
If the density of the universe is less than the value of the adjacent density, the size of the universe will be open. In this case the universe has no boundaries and it can be said that it will continue to expand. If the density of the universe was equal to the density of the universe, then the size of the universe would be as thin as a sheet of paper.Here, the universe has no boundaries and will continue to expand. However, the rate of dispersion will fall to zero over a certain period of time, and current data indicate that the universe may be sharper.

The universe is full of invisible objects

According to researchers, the universe is made of infinite invisible matter. Whatever the information or the visible stars, planets, galaxies, etc., they occupy only about 1 percent of the universe. 90% of the universe consists of substances that are either invisible, or they cannot be easily seen and understood. These mysterious substances, known as Dark Energy or Dark Matter, have not yet been identified. However, researchers have acknowledged the existence of such an invisible substance because of the gravitational effect of the invisible matter on the visible matter in the universe.

The universe is echoing its birth

The microwave background of the Universe is the echo of light and sound emitted after the Big Bang (eruption) of about 3 billion 7 million years ago. As the cosmic radiation cover radiates across the universe, the European Space Agency's Planck mission measured microwave light from the entire sky to determine how the universe began. Researchers are trying to find the answer to the question of what happened to the origin of the universe, using the facts derived from that mission.

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