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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Why is Winter Depression? How to survive

Why is Winter Depression? How to survive

Whatever the victim of mental illness, the amount may vary. There is no definite cause of this disease. Depression is caused by many problems related to genetics, environmental influences, workload, relationships.

Different problems of social and life problems, disturbance, or anxious thoughts may not affect the mind of the human being. Mental illness is not the same. Depression is a type of mental illness. And depression also has many types. Winter depression is one of them.

Winter depression can occur especially in cold weather. Winter is not depressed during the summer season. This is called seasonal depression and in the medical language, it is also called affective disorder.

Depression that occurs immediately after climate change is called seasonal depression. Which occurs not only in summer but also in winter. The human mind is not the same. Every little thing has an effect on the human mind. As the weather changes, so do the human mind. Sometimes sadness, sometimes laughter and sometimes happy. Along with the cycle of life, the human mind is also rotating.

Why is Winter Depression?

In winter, the days are short and the nights are long. Because of this, they stay away from sunlight for a long time. In a busy life, everyone takes many steps to avoid the cold in the winter. We use gas heaters, thick clothing, and hot shoes. But the heat from the sun's rays and the heat from other heaters or clothing varies greatly.

The sun's rays do not matter much in the winter. The serotonin hormone found in the body can be found only when the sun is exposed to the body. Neurochemical serotonin reduces the use of the sun's essential rays. Winters depression is caused by neurochemical serotonin deficiency.

As winter begins, everyone experiences habits such as being sluggish, unable to work, feeling weak and tired, frustrated, wanting to eat more, falling asleep, and falling asleep. These problems are a common problem for humans in winter. But it's not called depression.

In winter, there are problems with clouds, fog and being forced to stay out of the sun. The human body produces melatonin at night, a hormone called melatonin. This hormone causes more sleep. In winter, it is considered normal. But those who are angry still have more influence.

Winter depression is more prevalent in women, children and the elderly. Such a person needs more sunlight than any other human being. This problem is on the rise, especially in European countries. Winter depression is more prevalent in a country where there are 6 months days and 6 months nights.

According to statistics, the number of suicides in Nepal's Ilam is on the rise. According to psychologist Gopal Dhakal, winter depression can also be the cause of suicide by people there. Many people are suffering from thunderstorms and thunderstorms. He says, 'The foggy weather causes depression and depression in the mind. When the sun goes down, the day becomes fun. '

Symptoms of winter depression

Symptoms are depressed and sad, unable to be happy, anxious, weepy, and neglected. In winter, if these symptoms persist for more than two weeks, it should be noted that you are depressed.

Depression can lead to abnormal symptoms such as sleep apnea, loss of eating, weight loss. But when it comes to winter depression, the reverse. Winter depression causes symptoms such as excessive sleepiness, excessive eating, weight gain.

Psychologist Dhakal says, 'People do not pay attention to physical care in depression. The problem of feeling tired and lacking in energy can have a negative impact and lead to suicide. '

Winter should be a place of sunshine if depression. In the Nepalese society, it is customary to live in the sun, eat oil, eat oranges and peanuts, go picnic in the cold, dance and sing. Such activity produces serotonin. Eat foods that contain Omega-1. Fish and laziness have high amounts of omega-3. Light therapy is given to patients with winter depression by artificial heating. Therapy is given abroad using this light. Which rays like the sun. But heating a heater in a room and wearing warm clothes will not prevent this problem.

According to the World Health Organization data, about 8 percent of the world's population is mentally ill. 100 million people have mental problems and 60 million have depression. Every year eight million people commit suicide worldwide due to mental illness.

In Nepal, more than 5,000 people commit suicide every year and 3-5 people commit suicide every day. 90 percent of these suicides are caused by mental illness.

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