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Saturday, August 10, 2019

Let's talk openly about avoiding depression

Let's talk openly about avoiding depression

Do you feel uncomfortable or unhappy for two consecutive weeks? If this is the case, get a consultation with a psychiatrist. You may have been depressed.
Experts say that under normal circumstances, hiding depression can be cured and confined to yourself. They suggest that everyone should be treated openly and on time.
Depression is a serious problem not only in Nepal but in the world. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 10 million people suffer from depression. The WHO reports that 'depression' patients increased by 3 percent from 1 to 5. World Health Day is being celebrated in Nepal today (Friday) with the slogan 'Depression: Let's talk openly'.

Depression ranks sixth among the leading diseases in the world. If it is not prevented in time, the WHO report states that depression is the second of the number of illnesses that cause people to become infected by the 5th. Depression is considered the leading cause of suicide.

Experts say that severe depression is a condition that can lead to sick suicide. Every year some 100,000 people commit suicide worldwide. Suicide is the second leading cause of death in the age group of 3-5 years.

Chairman of Nepal Psychiatric Association (PAN) and a psychiatrist of Trivijay Hospital, Maharajganj. Saroj Prasad Ojha states that depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide. She says women are more affected by this problem than men. According to him, many do not come to open treatment because of misconceptions about mental illness. So the problem is getting worse rather than better.

"Because we have the misconception that we have to take a mental illness or take a life-long medication, it does not make the victims open, so that the problem of depression can only get worse instead of worse," he says.

There are no studies on how many are psychotic in Nepal. According to the WHO, there are some 40 million people in the world with some form of mental illness. 1 out of every 3 people has mental problems. It is estimated that there is some kind of mental problem in Nepal of 1 to 3 lakh people.

"Mental illness is getting worse due to the lack of mental health priorities by the government," he says, adding that in recent times there has been an increasing number of people suffering from depression problems due to increasing frustration, stress, lifestyle imbalance.

50 million victims in Southeast Asia
In South-East Asia alone, the figure of 30 million people in the depression circle has become public. The figures were made public by the WHO in New Delhi on Thursday. It has been reported that there is a high risk of suicide if not treated.

"At any age, the disease can attack, which leads to problems in relationships, work and social interaction," said South-East Asia head of the organization. Poonam Khetarpal Singh said. She said that it would be easy to know what level of depression she was having.

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