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Friday, August 9, 2019

Was it wrong to tell that people on moon was real?

For the first time in 1979, millions watched the rare broadcast of human foot-stepping on the moon.

But still some people are not ready to believe that someone has reached the moon. They point out that humans have never set foot on the moon. According to a report by the American Space Agency, at least one in 100 people in the United States believes that people have reached the moon.
The numbers are small, but that's enough to spread the rumor.

Movement of deceit on the moon

The moon tried to spread the theory of deception by claiming that the human being on the moon was false. Proponents of the theory argue that in the 1940s, the US space program failed on the moon missions due to lack of technology.
They believe that NASA is pretending to land on the moon to join the space race against the Soviet Union and to show itself.
Neil Armstrong said after landing on the moon, 'This is a small step for people. But a big leap forward for the human race. ”The stories that questioned its authenticity began with Apollo 1 returning to Earth.
But in 1979, those stories and rumors succeeded in creating a sensation. In 1959 a book was published, We Never Went to the Moon: America's Thirty Billion Dollar Swindle.

Journalist Bill Casing wrote the book. He had worked at NASA's public relations department.
The book mentions many things and arguments that were supported by people who believed that the moon had reached man.

Flag the moon without the wind

The book also included a picture of a US flag that was said to have been buried on the surface of the moon. The picture shows the American flag being buried on the lunar surface. In the book, the flag is described as hoisting the flag on the moon with no wind and no stars appearing in the background in the picture.According to astronomer Michael Rich, who is researching at the University of California, there are many scientific arguments that can be made to falsify this claim.

Neil Armstrong and his team-mate Buzz Aldrin hit the surface with a lot of force, which is why they were also seen in the mood. In addition, another reason why the flag appears to be hoisted is that the moon's gravity is 6 times lower than that of the earth.

The sky without a star

People who lie about landing on the moon will also argue with the picture that there is only a black sky without stars. They claim that the image of the star as a landing on the moon is false, since there is no star at night.
However, the picture that is in the form of Sawto has the same amount of darkness and light.
According to Brian Cabralin, professor of astro physics at the Rochester Institute of Technology, this is because the surface of the moon shows sunlight, which is why it looks so bright.
The same glow reduces the star's light in the sky. Since the star's light is too weak, the stars of the sky have not been seen and only the black.

Fake markings

They are also part of the rumor that the footprints shown on the moon are also there. They argue that it is not possible to have such a footprint because of the lack of moisture in the Moon. It is easily compressed when lying on the surface. '
He said that the signs of such footsteps, once formed on the surface of the moon, will remain in place for millions of years as the moon has no atmosphere.

How did the astronaut survive?

According to the most well-known rumors, the astronauts have to die because of the light box that surrounds the earth. The tree is called Van Allen, which combines solar wind and the earth's magnetic surface.
In the early stages of the space race, this light became a matter of great concern to scientists. The scientists thought it to be the most dangerous for the astronaut.
But according to NASA, Apollo 8 spent less than two hours in Venn Lane. Likewise, only 5 minutes was spent in these dangerous places. That is, Apollo 4 did not have to spend time in the box for long enough to cause danger to the astronaut.

Residents who refute the rumor

NASA recently released some pictures related to the Apollo landing. Which is evidence that the moon has landed.
Apart from the picture, there is also a landing site of Apollo 2, which can be seen on the soil and the remains of the moon module.
The LRO also showed that the flags buried by two people who had landed on the moon were still standing. During the investigation, the shadow of the flag was also detected on the surface. However, such rumors have spread and are widely known around the world.
There is a lot of scientific evidence confirming that Neil Armstrong stepped on the moon in 1979.
The only question to those who believe that the moon has reached human beings is that if the steps on the moon were false, why did the Soviet Union use a secret program to send its people to the moon?
Former NASA historian Robert Lions argues, 'If the footing on the moon was a lie, why didn't the Soviet Union oppose it? While he had both the courage and the courage to confirm a lie. The Soviet Union didn't even say a word about it. '

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