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Thursday, August 1, 2019

What is mental illness? Why does a mental illness commit a crime?

What is mental illness?

Mental health has often been misunderstood in people. Mental illness is thought to be 'crazy'. However, mental illnesses are known to have problems other than 'crazy'. A conscious awareness program should be taken to remove such a perception in man. Most psychiatrists treat mental problems as psychiatric and addictive. Mental health problems are often associated with depression and anxiety. Most patients first go to other doctors in fear of other diseases, and only if they are not cured, they are referred to a psychiatrist. Because mental patients go to the doctor concerned with symptoms such as headache, sleep apnea, panic, depression, loss of heartbeat, palpitations, difficulty breathing, and fainting. Because of this, they have already spent a lot. The last is to go to a psychiatrist only. After normal treatment, the patient is found to be healed. But by then they have already spent a lot.While stress is the main cause, there are many other causes of mental illness. There are many causes of stress. In which stresses such as hereditary, family, mental, economic, social, play a role in increasing mental illness. Drinking alcohol causes stress on not only the wife but also the children. Alcohol causes many problems in the family and causes stress. Due to the fact that the father drinks alcohol but does not give his family time, negative thoughts on the child also affect the reading, which also makes them stressful.Likewise, there is a lot of stress on the office worker. Stress such as how to get things done, how to be good in front of a boss can lead to stress, and depression eventually leads to fear of mental illness. There are also tensions between brothers and sisters, the husband having another girl or two wives, the mother-in-law's quarrels, the wife's suspicions, and the children's children being beaten. Most depression patients come with mental illness. They have no sleep, headaches, depressed mood, forgetfulness, hunger, weight loss slowly, lack of self-confidence, anger quickly, and eventually even talk about suicide. If such symptoms are observed, the patient goes to another specialist without having to go to a psychiatrist. Going to a psychiatrist doesn't mean crazy. Therefore, if such symptoms are observed, consulting a psychiatrist will cure the patient faster.The other is the problem of fear. In such cases, symptoms such as heartbeat, difficulty in breathing, palpitations, excessive play in the mind, frequent things in the mind, fear of getting into a vehicle. Sore throat, palpitations or burns, cold sores, spasms are also symptoms of Entity. Such patients reach out to the concerned physician, saying they have increased without cause or got gastric. But they do not understand that this is due to the Angiata. It is a mental illness. If such symptoms occur, it is advisable to go to a psychiatrist. This problem is a problem that can be cured after consuming a drug with a psychologist.Hysteria is another psychiatric problem. Also known as conversion disorder. This usually applies to young people. Especially young women fight unconsciously. In the village, it is found that the ghost and goddess are dressed as dhamijhankari. But, it is a type of mental illness. Often youths are subjected to mental strain due to family conflicts, boyfriends, girlfriends, the stress of study. Such stress can be unconsciously caused by no one being aware. This will most likely happen to people of the same age and close friends. If one happens, it happens to the other and to all the students. This is a psychological one. When I see my friend fight, everyone faints, fearing that this will happen to me. It requires consultation with some, and some even require medication.Dementia is another psychological problem that is worsening in old age. But in our society, it is commonly accepted that this has happened in old age. It can also be reduced after treatment. In such cases, symptoms such as forgetfulness, suspicion of family members, lack of food or food, and behavior changes. The most common type of dementia is Alzheimer's. Brain intoxication is drying up.Special attention should be paid to sleep to prevent or prevent mental illness. There is no stress at all if you get good sleep. The person must sleep for 3 to 5 hours. Also do not consume drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, etc. If stress arises, sharing it with family or friends can also reduce it greatly.

Why does a mental illness commit a crime?

A. People with mental problems can commit deliberate and deliberate crimes:
Mental illness has sometimes been reported to cause death. Psychiatric illnesses in particular (mania, schizophrenia, marijuana intake) have been reported as a heinous crime. Mental illness has been found to be for two reasons,
1. To achieve a special purpose
2. Without a doubt

Mental illness has also been found to be a life-threatening crime, just like any other human being. Mental illness in Gorkha kills his own mother. Similarly, a father from afar west killed his son because of illness. A similar incident happened in Hetauda some 90 years ago.

It can be assumed that the mental illness was also involved in the Nirmala murder case that was reported a year ago. As far as watching 'YouTube', the mental illness that a patient has said in a nutshell, his words and face can be seen as evidence of involvement in the crime.

That is not to say that a mental patient does not commit a crime. This can be concluded by further research. This is not the case when using measles medication.

B. Mental illness sufferers can:
Many have also been found to have beaten, mentally abused, abused, and expelled their family members from their homes.
Mental illness cannot cover crime like others do, many do not even take precautions. When the disease becomes severe, they do not even know 'why and what is the result'. In this case, they may not be prosecuted. When a mentally ill person commits a crime with a definite purpose, he is at stake.

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