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Thursday, April 16, 2020

The world's fastest computer recognizes Kobid-29 Ultra's potential drug

Scientists from all over the world have joined the campaign to detect and vaccinate against coronavirus. As the world slows its detection of drugs and vaccines against Covid-29, the outbreak of the outbreak, the number of infected and casualties will increase. Therefore, scientists are working day and night to research the drug and the detection of it.

What may not be known to many scientists is that NASA and IVM supercomputers are also being used in this research. NASA and IBM are letting their supercomputers use labs, companies and scientific personnel involved in trying to make coronavirus vaccines.

Particularly, the most important thing in the detection of vaccines and drugs against the extremely fast Covid-29 is speed, and the world's fastest computer (supercomputer) can assist in this.

In this regard, IBM's supercomputer 'Summit' analyzes thousands of simulations to help the Nobel Coronavis identify which drugs are effective in preventing infection in human cells.

The IBM summit was created by the US Department of Energy, the supercomputer in the United States. The main purpose of this computer is to find a solution to the problems of the world.

The virus infects a genetic material called a spike in human cells. The task of the summit is to find the drug that causes the spike itself and prevent the possibility of its expansion.

Researchers created a model of the coronavirus spike. Summit supercomputer simulated how the atoms and particulates react to different drug compounds in viral proteins. During that time, the summit simulated more than 3,000 compounds, which could bind to the virus's spike protein. This will prevent the Nobel Coronavirus from spreading or growing in human cells.

Of the more than 3,000 drug compounds observed in the simulation, the summit selected six drugs based on how they bind to the virus.

The summit had previously identified patterns affecting Alzheimer's cellular systems. Similarly, it also analyzed the gene that arouses opiate addiction. In addition, it also predicted bad weather based on weather simulation.

The summit has a power of 5 petaflops. This is 1 million times more powerful than the fastest laptops today.

NASA's supercomputer is also being used in research on Covid-49. They are also helping in the effort to make possible vaccinations and medicines. NASA has also specifically dedicated its computer resources to US labs, companies and academic institutions for Covid 29. For this purpose, he is specially separated from the Earth Sciences Branch, which has been providing groundwater statistics to operate seasonal models, primarily for predicting Earth's weather.

Researchers working on plans related to Covid-19 can apply to use these super computers.

This initiative, which can be taken with the help of a supercomputer, will help to calculate the speed required to reduce the speed of the current epidemic.

Monday, April 6, 2020

From eyes of science, This is the coronavirus (covid-19) drain!

What is coronavirus ??

Now Corona is hanging in the mouth of every person in the world. So that what is Corona?
 Does anyone think that such a question can be questioned? So the point here is not to ask if anyone has heard of Corona. As everyone now knows, the corona is a very bad, nasty and killing bacteria of thousands of people - just like the bacteria, amoeba and other bacteria that bring us disease. That is, it is also a micro-organism. But, that's only half right, not 100 percent. Why?
Because corona is a type of virus. We think of viruses as organisms. However, it shows the organism's appearance and behavior only when it enters the cell of an organism. Otherwise, it does not look like an organism, nor does it show the behavior of an organism. According to what we understand so far, organisms generally have to have at least breathing (taking oxygen and carving dioxide out of the body), eating, eating, fertilizing, and producing offspring. But they do not perform any action until the virus enters the cell of an organism. Even after entering the cell, it does not perform any of the above-mentioned activities other than multiplying it, such as photocopying itself. And how do you call it living? But, because it grows inside the cell, it does not get any. If inanimate, the numbers would not increase. Because of these things, it would be advisable to treat the virus as an inanimate and inanimate object.

File:3D medical animation coronavirus structure.jpg - Wikimedia ...
To understand the coronavirus, it is appropriate to first mention some of the facts that science has discovered about the virus.

Scientists have proven the fact that the origin of life on Earth billions of years ago, when it was evolutionary, was initially composed of amino acids, then nucleic acids and then protein compounds. All of these processes took place when the atoms of the elements in the earth's atmosphere were composed of molecules of different compounds, and even the various compounds were chemically combined to form new terrestrial objects. Nucleic acid had such a quality that it could make another copy of its own kind. Later, the nucleic acid molecules bind to the chains and form large molecules such as RNA and DNA. The same RNA and DNA molecules became the basis for life. Because they started to make another copy item similar to their own. But, that was not life. Life only developed later.
As the Earth's atmosphere changed, cells became RNAs and DNA cells. In the cell, the RNA and DNA chains were protected within the nucleus. Such an organism evolved as a single cell organism, similar to the bacteria present. Scientists have discovered the fact that the same bacterium has evolved from the early single-celled organisms to the simple multicellular organisms and subsequently to the later evolution of complex multicellular organisms.

At 29, the great scientist Charles Darwin said that organisms are constantly changing and that changes are made by simple and micro-organisms, from the natural systems that are adapted to the environment and environment, to the offspring that transcends ancestry. His idea was called evolutionary, and it is on this basis that the idea of ​​evolution of complex and larger types of organisms from simple organisms to the idea of ​​scientific evolution is now accepted by all. Continuing subtle changes in such organisms is the reason for the sudden change in the genetic structure, namely mutation, said Hugo de Frieze, another scientist in the Netherlands (19-21). His theory is called the mutation theory.

Mutations in the early stages of life on Earth opened the way for the virus to evolve to real life. In fact, the virus, which is the only form of RNA or DNA that precedes the formation of cells for life, is the virus. This is the reality of the virus. The virus still contains organs containing RNA or DNA and other protein molecules. The virus, therefore, is the micro-object between life and the lifeless particulars of life on earth. As soon as this material enters a cell, copies of it begin to form, as they contain RNA or DNA chains. These chains are molecules made up of molecules with the same genetic ability to reproduce.
Coronavirus is also one of those viruses. The outer covering of the virus consists of thorn-like organs. They are called spikes. These spikes are crown-shaped. So the virus was named Corona by the name of the Crown. The coronavirus first appeared in Guangdong Province, China, in November. It is not yet clear from which animal the virus, which is said to have evolved in the animal body and transmitted to humans, has yet to be identified. However, many believe that it has evolved into the skin and transmitted to humans through some other animal. The virus was transmitted to humans on days 1 and 2. Since the virus has a serious impact on the human respiratory system, the disease is known as SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome). And, the virus is called the SARS coronavirus, or SARS-CoV. SARS-Cove killed 3,000 people from 3 nations, including mainland China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Taiwan, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Canada, etc. (See:

Another coronavirus similar to SARS-Cove appeared in Saudi Arabia in the West Asian country in the 5th. West Asia is called the Europeans Middle East. So the virus was named Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-CoV).

Mercer-Cove infected 3,949 people from six nations of the world, including Algeria, Austria, Bahrain, China, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, Iran, Italy, the United States, and 1 percent of the infected lives (3).

According to scientists and doctors, now the first new coronavirus, the novel coronavirus, developed in China, with a mutation. Being a new coronavirus, it was initially called the Noble Coronavirus. Noble means were new. It was later renamed COVID-19 due to its appearance in 1929. Of (Co) means corona, vi means viral, and D means Disease. It was recently renamed 'SARS Cove-1' by the World Health Organization (WHO). It was named as the second generation of the new virus to cause SARS disease, which appeared in the 5th.
How does the new virus develop?

The principles of mutation and natural selection have been discussed above. Scientists say that when genetic differences in organisms occur, natural selection begins. Genetic variation means genetic variation in a portion of a population. Genetic differences come from the two main sources of viruses: 1. Recombination, and 3. Random mutation.

१. Recombination:

Hereditary substances are DNA or RNA. In recombination, the same genetic material is exchanged. It is important to remember that the genetic material or genus determines the quality of the virus. As stated above, when a virus enters an organism, it begins to function according to its own quality, which we call infection. According to scientists, when two different viruses infect the same cell, there is a possibility of recombination. Two different viruses circulating within the same cell will go into the host cell. In such a combination, different DNA fragments of DNA or RNA can be joined to one another. This leads to the creation of new DNA or RNA beads. A new type of DNA or RNA is a gene that carries a new quality. Thus the process of becoming a new genus is restructuring. The new genetic structure creates new viruses with new properties. Such new viruses produce many replicating viruses using biological substances inside the cell, and these new viruses come out by stimulating or destroying the organism. Such new viruses are called reassortant viruses.

According to scientists, flu viruses are the masters of the virus. That is, they are skilled in the reproductive process. They consist of eight RNA fragments carrying one or a few bacterial particles. When two different influenza viruses reach the same cell, some new viruses are formed within the cell. RNA fractions have already been synthesized in new viruses created. For example, if human influenza virus and bird influenza virus become infected together with the pigs 'cells, then the RNAs of those two viruses in the pigs' cells can be synthesized to form new viruses. And, many copies of that new virus are made up of viruses, and they break down their cells. Thus, the evolution of new viruses is usually normal in nature. Scientists say that H1N1, the swine flu virus that has been infected with H1N1, has spread in 29 years. (See:

२. Random mutation:

Mutations in the virus mean permanent changes in their genetic material (ie DNA or RNA). It is noteworthy that the virus is copied by the DNA or RNA contained in it. So if the DNA or RNA structure is accidentally changed during copying, then the new copy virus becomes different and all the copies it produces are different from its parent virus. These new viruses carry a new character in terms of quality and infection. Such mutations occur more rapidly in the RNA virus than in the DNA virus.
Remarkably, the sars virus is an RNA virus. Scientists say that the current Covid-29, namely, Sars Cove-1, has evolved due to mutations in the SARS virus. However, the exact mechanism by which the virus is mutated in humans has not yet been determined. All the information that has come out about this now is just a guess. Someone said that the skin was mutated to the person. Someone said that the serpent had mutated and moved on man. However, even though mutations are transmitted to humans, one thing that many have found is that the virus is transmitted from an old virus to a human in some animal body. It is certainly a deadly bacterium that originated according to the theory of mutation by scientist Hugo de Freiz and the choice of nature of scientist Charles Darwin.

Monday, August 12, 2019

Cyclists do not have cancer

Do you want to live longer? Or want to reduce the risk of cancer? If so, you will have to choose a bicycle for a short distance. This is not a mistake, the BBC has written as fact that it is scientifically proven.
According to the study, the use of bicycles in transportation significantly reduces the risk of heart attacks and cancer. This was the result of a study of two and a half million people who regularly come to the UK. Walking on the sidewalk was found to be more beneficial than using public transportation or moving a car.
The team in Glasgow did the study. He says that once part of the routine, cycling is not required, as is the desire to go to the gym. A five-year study compares those who were active with those who remain stable.

Of those who were involved in the study, two thousand four hundred and four died. Three thousand seven hundred eight people had cancer. One thousand one hundred eight had a heart problem. But during the study, the probability of death for cyclists was reduced by 5 percent. The probability of cancer was 5% and the incidence of cardiovascular disease was 5%.
Bicyclists traveled an average of about 3 km a week. Bicycling has proved to be a blessing for cyclists. Those who walk are less likely to have heart disease. But it is important to remember that walking only benefits those who walk at least ten kilometers a week.
According to Professor Jason Gill of the University of Glasgow, the BBC reports that a person who travels, or travels actively, is less likely to develop cancer and heart disease. If you have to go to work every day, make a bicycle a friend, which will prevent you from getting sick. Habits do not come from a will. In the developed countries, bicycle lanes are constructed along with rail leaks. The development of bicycles in our country should not be missed.
People who use both bicycles and public transportation can also benefit from health. This had the effect of removing other potential effects, such as smoking, food and obesity. The study, published in the British Medical Journal, meant that it was not possible to determine the exact cause or effect of any disease. According to the study, cyclists have a lower risk of cancer, but not weight loss.
Bicycling is best considered for exercise. So both are moving. Claire Haida of the British Cancer Studies says this study helps highlight the potential benefits of your daily activity. You don't have to go to the gym or run a marathon. If you lighten the body and bring a little intensity to your breathing, health benefits. Whether you do these bicycles or do housework, it benefits everyone.

What is Autism? Symptoms and prevention

Goma, who teaches children in childcare, used to beat her son for not paying attention. According to Goma, the son said that the child was living unobtrusively like other children. However, her husband was defending her son.

Goma had individual differences in learning, not all had the same abilities, the development of mental or intellectual ability would be based on the wisdom of a certain age group. The husband continued to complain that Goma had a different problem with his child. Goma kept shouting at her four-year-old son, stubborn and stubborn.

When the baby was taken to the pediatrician at her husband's gagawi, and found out, the baby was not a sham, waiting for special treatment. She was then taken to counseling for practical therapy. The child was exposed to social therapy and related therapies for speech therapy.

The doctor informed the child that he had 'autism'. She is being treated according to the doctor's advice.

Today is Autism Awareness Day or the day to raise awareness about autism. Today is the day for all educated, experienced and knowledgeable people to at least refer to the family of their contacts. This day has been celebrated in various parts of the country with vigilant awareness programs related to autism.

It is said that 3 percent of the world's population, about 3 million children in Nepal alone are victims of autism.

What is Autism?
Autism is a type of neurodevelopment disorder. In this the children are unable to perform the same activities as the normal children while some show abnormal activity. It lacks the practical development of a child's age, social development and the ability to communicate with one another.

Even when my neighbor gives advice, so too do I respond, such as slow spoken, slow moving, slow reading, which leads to slow detection of autism and difficulty solving.

The initial phase of a child's physical activity is considered to be two years to three years. At this age, he envies using his hands, speaking gestures with friends, speaking or communicating with words and sentences, making friends and playing together. But if we do not find this kind of activity in children, then we need to be very concerned that there is another physical weakness or victim of autism.

Symptoms of Autism
The signs and symptoms of autism should be monitored when children are two to three years old. Generally, symptoms and signs of autism appear as follows:

What Autism? Symptoms and prevention

- Beating friends, beating
 - Unable to catch a straight eye
- Crying
- Play with the same toy for a long time
- Shout out when doing an activity
- Don't know if you were hurt
- Don't focus on writing
- Doing activities that may harm others
- Unable to express what you say
- Can't say what is in your mind
- Unable to communicate twice with friends

How to reduce the likelihood of autism?
Although the fact that autism is the cause of the disease is not always with the experts, the majority of those who consider genetics to be the leading cause. Prevention of this problem is when children are two years older than any of their treatments, and observation and diagnosis of physical activity and communication.

Also, timely psychological counseling, social counseling, speech therapy for those with speech problems, communication are the best way to reduce this percentage. Care should be taken especially if the child is not developing for the following two years:
- If you can't walk after 6 months,
- If you can't use the stuff you use daily,
- If you can't use at least 1 word even when you are 6 months old,
- If you can't make a letter by adding 3 words when you are 6 months old,
- If the speech or the loud do not replicate,
- If you do not understand or do more than simply do,
- If you've forgotten something you've learned before,

When they were years old
- If you do not mix with people outside your family,
- If not playing with other children,
- If you can't stand your eyes,
- If you can't throw the ball or jump,
- If two legs can't climb the ladder 2-3,
- If you can't write,
- If you can't use more than 3 words in 2 letters,
- Can't complete line, if stuck in between,
- If the speech is not clear, if the outsider does not understand the speech,
- Cannot perform routine tasks such as getting dressed, going to bed
- If you forget the art you learned earlier.

Autism: Identification and treatment

There are different castes, religions and cultures in our country. Disability also has many types and variations. We often remember physical disabilities, the visually impaired, the deaf, etc. as a disability, and we usually identify them directly. But we must understand that not all disabilities can be understood and recognized immediately. One of them is "Autism". Autism is a neurodevelopment disability caused by nerve damage.

The symptoms of childbirth are difficult to identify clearly for about two and a half years. Parents often notice that these children, who appear to be physically spontaneous, do not develop language and therefore bring them to the doctor. Since only experienced and trained doctors are able to accurately identify autism, a large percentage of children are identified at the age of 6 to 6 years.In today's day it is possible to identify this condition before the child is 6 years old. Science has been confirmed to have a profound impact on all areas such as communication skills, linguistic development, intellectual development, if the early identification and intervention can be initiated at the earliest.

How to recognize autism at a young age?

The development of communication skills such as shaking one's head, pointing eyes at a parent's finger pointing, turning one's head on hearing a recognizable voice, smiling when the person recognizes a child, 6 months to 6 years before any child's language is developed. If not, then developmental disabilities can be suspected in such children.

What to do if you have doubts or identities?

Early detection is the most important therapy if children of such age are identified immediately. Children with autism are taught through communication, social behavior, various therapies and sports.

Who and how to give such therapy?

Parents are the first mentors for children. Parents have the most time to spend with them. Therefore, it is important to first train parents and they find that children are most beneficial when playing therapy while playing in different situations in the house, in the environment.

Apart from the physical and linguistic development of your children, there is a fluctuation in the development of social communication skills, cognitive, fine / gross motor, and even sensory, so it is important to seek prompt identification and early intervention with the advice of a specialist. If any child has such symptoms, it should not be discouraged from early identification and early intervention.

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