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Monday, July 29, 2019

What is depression? How to get out? Depression is one of the world's biggest problems

Throughout the day we are worried about something. Career talk, money talk, failure, talk of friends, physical illness, children's talk, family.

It is natural to worry about human life. We are conscious, we are worried. But, when we cannot manage anxiety, it makes us mentally ill. Because anxiety is a type of mental disorder.

That is, anxiety causes the body to become old and sick. It sets us apart from social life. What has been analyzed is that in the next few years, anxiety or depression will occur on the world's biggest physical problems.

Depression is a deep form of anxiety. Depression is a mental problem. Nor is it possible to treat it with medication. Not through the operation. Because mental management is its most effective method. However, it is not easy to bring a worried person into a precarious position.

What is Depression?

Depression takes place when we begin to think negatively about all aspects of life. When it reaches its peak, people begin to feel that their life is worthless and gradually the man will become depressed.

Anxiety and stress increase the levels of many hormones in the body, including adrenaline and cortisol. Persistent stress and anxiety gradually turn into depression.

Psychological symptoms of depression

1. Take constant care
2. Be concerned about the health
3. Negative thoughts come to mind
4. Misleading thoughts come to mind
5. Dislike at work
6. Nature is irritable
7. Get angry at the little things
8. Change in mood
9. Act like crazy
10. Love to be alone
11. Nightmare
12. Never be happy
13. Speak less
14. To be scared

Physical symptoms of depression

1. Headache
2. Heart palpitations
3. Problems with swallowing food
4. Vomiting
5. Go to the bathroom frequently
6. The body is yellow
7. Shortness of breath
8. Ring
9. Muscle aches
1०. Increasing heart rate
11. Shaking the body
12. Sweating
13. Blood pressure fluctuates
14. To be tired

Treatment of depression

During the depression, people feel that their life is over. Let's talk about what are the ways to get out of such negative thinking.

1. To divert attention from the subject

In this plan or strategy, a person withdraws their attention from a depressing situation or problem and tries to engage them in other tasks. It also allows you to stop thinking about the problem, which leads to peace of mind.

 2. Find out the cause of depression

If you want to find a solution to depression, first let's try to find out what causes depression. Then it can be written somewhere. Then think about what might be the solution to this problem. If possible, try to find a solution as soon as possible.

3. Don't worry about the future

The thought of 'what about tomorrow?' Promotes anxiety. So let us always live today because the present is the reality, and let's try to do good in the present. Doing so automatically fixes the future. Every day and every moment of our day teaches us something new and helps us cope with problems.

4. Screams

Some people scream loudly during extreme stress. This is the best way to get rid of a stressful or painful situation. Psychology also prefers screaming in stressful situations.

5. Listening to the song

Listening to songs can also relieve temporarily from stress or stress. A person feels refreshed when listening to a song.

6. Share emotions

One way to reduce stress is to share your feelings with others. When you share grief with your close friends and relatives, your heart is relaxed.

7. Avoiding intoxication

Many people resort to alcohol smoking in the name of relaxation. But, it does them the opposite. People with depression should always stay away from drug addicts.

8. Pranayama

If you want to get rid of tension and depression, do daily Pranayama. This yoga reduces tension, stress or depression and sharpens intelligence.

9. Learn the art of laughing

Smiling is also an important ingredient for reducing stress. Laughter increases the number of endorphin hormones within us and makes us feel relaxed.

1०. Don't be alone

Loneliness is one of the leading causes of depression. If anyone in your family suffers from depression, spend as much time as you can with it. Suicide is thought to be common in people with severe depression. So he should not be left alone.

The experience of returning to normal life with angina disorder

An incident happened 2 years ago. I was dizzy when I heard of a patient suffering from a heart valve operation. That one little thing that made my mind weak. Hearing her pain, I felt anxiety. The pace of the heart increased.

That was the problem with the heart valve change in the world. What if something like this happens to me? That question started to creep into my heart. That was the starting point for my Angie.

After that incident, there was an impression on my brain that I was going to have a big health problem or had died. I started to have problems with my heart valve. Negative thoughts started to roar in my mind.

Symptoms such as sweating from hands and feet, heavy head, eyes wide, eyes unable to think, I say, feeling like I am doing nothing, have no meaning with the outside world.

There was no sleep at night, sweaty sweats, increased breathing speed, breathlessness. It was as if the heart ached, the chest was heavy, there was no feeling of food, there was no hunger, there was no taste in the food, even the mind was empty, there was a state of being unable to remember anything. The body also began to feel very weak.

I was wondering - what happened all of a sudden, I had a major physical problem.

A few days ago, my frosty life began to feel like darkness. After all, how was it, I was confused myself.

Clothes, rotations, etc. were beginning to fade. My mind and mind were concentrated only on myself and every moment I was wondering why I was having such a problem, what was the problem inside me.

Once the symptoms of acute exacerbation and chest aches, headaches, nausea, stomach pains appeared, I was ready to go to the doctor.

The report also showed that the cardiologist, the urologist and the physician showed all the tests. Doctors say that there is no problem, but they themselves have been experiencing unique pain. The doctors did not understand my problem, they did not know my disease.

At one time, I did not know that many symptoms appeared due to mental problems.

The doctor continued to attend. But the problem was not discovered. Eventually, a physician told me that I might have a mental problem. And advised seeing a psychiatrist.

But I began to think about what had happened and to see a psychiatrist. I had no idea I had a mental problem. Nevertheless, I once planned to see a pediatrician. After going there and putting up all the reports and my problems, the doctor told me that I had angina neurosis.

The doctor said Angiitis neurosis is a type of mental problem or anxiety disorder. The doctor then prescribed medication and counseling said that the disease would be cured. The good behavior and counseling that the doctor gave me seemed to solve half my problem there.

Seeing the symptoms in my body, I believed that I had angsty and after a few months of medication I returned home after a week of followup. That day, I felt like my heart was light.

A week's worth of medication had changed me greatly. The problem seems to have subsided. Everything was slowly becoming normal. I was happy to get out of that darkness and confusion. After all, he felt that his greatest heart was happiness.

If there is no happiness in the heart, nothing in the world can give happiness. In order to be happy, I learned that the mind must be filled with positive things, not the bad things in the mind.

Following a regular followup, I reduced the dose to the doctor's advice. I used the medicine for about 3 years. In the meantime, I started changing myself by watching various psychiatric lectures, videos available on the Internet.

Since mental illness is a disease of the mind, I have also been paying attention to things like yoga, meditation, exercise, eating, to calm the mind. I did not take counseling with a psychologist, but I consider medication as well as counseling essential to solving mental problems. My experience has shown that if I take regular medication and counseling, my mental problems will be cured.

Angryness is not a huge problem. With the right treatment and behavioral changes as well as the way of thinking, this problem is completely cured. This requires confidence and positive thinking.

Once a person with a mental problem has the potential to appear later. In my case, when something bad happens, if something goes wrong, something bad happens, it becomes a serious illness, the need to worry about the future, things like fear, etc. sometimes come to mind. But I ignore such things and go ahead with my mind.

Another important thing is that society also has to change its attitude and thinking towards people with mental problems. People with mental illness and those who have recovered also share their experiences with other mentally ill. Family and support are also very important for people with mental problems.

Disease and Fear: How Does the Heart Tiger Eat?

'I was not scared of death and don't be afraid to die. When death is not feared, other minor diseases will do nothing. I've been healthy all my life. Aiya and never have to do it. ' Often people are scared to death. Therefore, fear of death will cause them to stumble. Therefore, even when we have a minor disease, we are not afraid. Let's go to the hospital. We'll show you to the doctor. We eat medicine.
The body is not always the same. Sometimes there are some uncomfortable issues. Weakness is experienced. Not everything is perfect. Rice is not interested No sleep Now we have fear. "Hey, I'm not sick? Will this disease cause me to die? 'Thinking like this, we start to feel more vulnerable. We begin to find ourselves relaxed and innocent. Fear relieves our vibration. Sweat comes Fearing we reach the hospital. By the time the report arrives, we are grieving over the disease. The report comes. Nothing really looks like Suddenly our image grows. Feeling hungry. The body begins to experience something different.
The mind is sicker than the body. With a minor problem in the body, the mind starts to panic. The heart is terrified.
Be careful and alert to your body. Without knowing it, some diseases can spread. It is better to avoid the disease than to cure the disease. Having said that, it is not good to live in fear of the disease. When we begin to fear illness, our heart fears. When the mind is terrified, many parts of the body cannot function properly. When you are scared, the heart moves. That is, there is a mess in the blood system. This disorder leads to other diseases.
There is a saying in Nepali society, 'A tiger in the forest does not eat, the tiger of the heart has eaten.' The heart is timid. That is why we are scared inside even when nothing is happening. When the tiger of the heart begins to eat, we begin to feel stress. Stress causes anxiety. Depression by anxiety. Depression causes many other problems. In this way, we fall into the swamp of disease.

Have a story One prisoner serving a heinous crime was told, 'Now you will be sentenced to death. And, that execution will be slaughtered by a poisonous snake. 'He was taken to a dark room. Eyes bandaged. Placed in a corner. After some time, some on his feet were treated like scum. He found out he had lost. That's when the eyebar opened. He saw a snake running away from his feet. The prisoner thought the snake was drowned. The poisonous snake was said to be drowned. He died in fear. In fact, he was not possessed by a snake. The essence of this story is that we get sick with a sting or a heart attack. We reach death. With an injury, we start thinking about it a lot. Will this injury ever be healed? Should I be injured for a lifetime? It is with this fear that we begin to relax. Someone has to crash on the road. His body did not hurt at all. Yet, he is smitten or unconscious. They lose consciousness after an accident because they think it is difficult to survive.A sharply wounded dog survives a deeply wounded dog. However, injuries do not survive. Why? Because even if a dog hurts, it does not cause fear. The fear and fear of the people begin to wither. If the mind is strong and fearless, then the disease is cured. If a patient who is shaking in a hospital bed gets no fear, then treatment is more effective. Because when people increase their self-esteem, their ability to fight the disease also increases. Therefore, fear of the heart must be overcome. Methods like yoga, pranayama, and meditation also help to keep the mind stable, calm and strong. We can also live a healthy life by following such practices.

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Who gets depression?


“In 2019 many people depression was the main cause of ill health and disability worldwide''. This is not my dialogue this is according to the World Health Organization. Depression may be so boundless because it has no single cause, why and when anyone doesn't know.
Many reports show that Women are more likely to become depressed in compared to men. Opinions vary on why this is the case. Puberty, pregnancy, and menstruation are all common times for symptoms to appear.
Cause vary in different country and region, but depression is one of the more prevalent in the following groups:
  • People at an economic disadvantage
  • people with chronic health conditions, such as coronary heart disease or cancer
  • children of parents with depression
  • people with other mental health conditions, such as anxiety
Also, many medications can trigger depression. If the person is unconfident

whether emotional changes are related to medication, they should consult a doctor fast.

Depression Outlook

Identifying the depression in the early stage may be very helpful. If a person is uncomfortable whether they have depression, it may be a good idea to consult a psychologist.
When a man gets mild depression, simple lifestyle changes may have significant, lasting benefits. These benefits may become apparent more quickly to some people than others.
Anyone with moderate or severe depression should stay in contact with a doctor and report any thoughts of self-harm, suicide, or harm to others.
Follow us for more about it.

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