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Saturday, August 10, 2019

Let's talk openly about avoiding depression

Let's talk openly about avoiding depression

Do you feel uncomfortable or unhappy for two consecutive weeks? If this is the case, get a consultation with a psychiatrist. You may have been depressed.
Experts say that under normal circumstances, hiding depression can be cured and confined to yourself. They suggest that everyone should be treated openly and on time.
Depression is a serious problem not only in Nepal but in the world. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 10 million people suffer from depression. The WHO reports that 'depression' patients increased by 3 percent from 1 to 5. World Health Day is being celebrated in Nepal today (Friday) with the slogan 'Depression: Let's talk openly'.

Depression ranks sixth among the leading diseases in the world. If it is not prevented in time, the WHO report states that depression is the second of the number of illnesses that cause people to become infected by the 5th. Depression is considered the leading cause of suicide.

Experts say that severe depression is a condition that can lead to sick suicide. Every year some 100,000 people commit suicide worldwide. Suicide is the second leading cause of death in the age group of 3-5 years.

Chairman of Nepal Psychiatric Association (PAN) and a psychiatrist of Trivijay Hospital, Maharajganj. Saroj Prasad Ojha states that depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide. She says women are more affected by this problem than men. According to him, many do not come to open treatment because of misconceptions about mental illness. So the problem is getting worse rather than better.

"Because we have the misconception that we have to take a mental illness or take a life-long medication, it does not make the victims open, so that the problem of depression can only get worse instead of worse," he says.

There are no studies on how many are psychotic in Nepal. According to the WHO, there are some 40 million people in the world with some form of mental illness. 1 out of every 3 people has mental problems. It is estimated that there is some kind of mental problem in Nepal of 1 to 3 lakh people.

"Mental illness is getting worse due to the lack of mental health priorities by the government," he says, adding that in recent times there has been an increasing number of people suffering from depression problems due to increasing frustration, stress, lifestyle imbalance.

50 million victims in Southeast Asia
In South-East Asia alone, the figure of 30 million people in the depression circle has become public. The figures were made public by the WHO in New Delhi on Thursday. It has been reported that there is a high risk of suicide if not treated.

"At any age, the disease can attack, which leads to problems in relationships, work and social interaction," said South-East Asia head of the organization. Poonam Khetarpal Singh said. She said that it would be easy to know what level of depression she was having.

Monday, August 5, 2019

What is Depression? What is its treatment?

Depression or depression is increasing its impact not only in Nepal but worldwide. According to the latest data from the World Health Organization, more than 5 percent of the world's population is depressed. Depression is a less severe form of mental illness. In other words, dysentery is a disease. There is always a seemingly debilitating disease. 

Depending on what kind of situation we have in our daily life, our moods will be different. However, in the normal case, if health has reached a different state in human beings, we will never stay in the same state of mind for a long time. If for some reason someone is upset, after a while, the normal state of mind returns. If the mind is upset, the mind is irritated for a while and after some time has passed, the problem of panic is resolved itself. This is usually the case.Our mind and body are using us in a normal way. But sometimes for some special reason, if the heart is unhappy, we call it depression. If the heart is sad and depressed, it may be time to return to normal and not go back to normal. For two weeks, the heart is constantly feeling sad and depressed. 

Why Depression  

There is no single definition of what causes depression. Different people may have different reasons. However, as the chemicals in the body decrease, they cause depression. This condition can also be caused by a lack of serotonin, epinephrine, norepinephrine and dopamine in various chemicals found in the brain. It is also affected by various types of hormones found in the body.It cannot be claimed that depression is the cause. But there are different reasons. The first reason is hereditary. Depression can happen if the family's father, mother, grandparents, grandparents, or even older generations have had depression at any time. Depression can also be caused by stress and certain events in life. Depression is caused by an imbalance of some chemical changes. Depression does not occur if any of the stresses or stresses can be tolerated, but depression can arise if that stressful state cannot be dealt with mentally. 

Symptoms of depression

1. Little or no sleep,

2. Feeling restless or sluggish at the sight of others,
3. Unable to make decisions or concentrate,
4 Being depressed all day,
5. Feeling disrespectful to yourself and feeling helpless,
6. Feeling tired all the time,
7. Starving, changing food tastes,
8. Weight loss,
9. Frequently thinking about death,
10 To stop doing what you love,
11 Do not be happy and do not feel overwhelmed by anything

What happens if you are  sleep deprived, unable to eat, unwilling to speak, unhappy with your heart, unhappy with what you used to feel happy and happy at first, have a headache, a trembling heart, a desire to sit alone and cry After being depressed and left untreated, he heals himself for 6 months to 6 months. However, if left untreated, the symptoms worsen. When a depression sufferer reaches such a point, he will be unable to do anything except give up.There may be thoughts of suicide. Your own life may be in danger. Daily life can have a big impact. Impact on social, economic, family and business life. If it is impacted, then the person suffers. That is why it is so important to treat this disease during the time of the disease. 

Treatment of depression

time of treatment is able to identify quickly the disease is cured. We have the illusion that if we get depressed, we need to take life-long medication, which is wrong. After consuming the medicine for some time, the disease can be fully controlled. No need to take medication. But, the right treatment should be in the right place. There are two methods of treatment, one is treatment by medication, the other is psychotherapy.Many do not know that depression occurs. Many people may have the disease. There is no such awareness and awareness. First of all, you need to recognize depression. Patient safety is the first treatment. At this point, the patient has a lot of negative thinking. If the treatment is timely, the disease is cured. It is not just by estimating the cure for the disease. So first you have to find out what kind of depression and treat it. The patient should discuss what is the appropriate treatment method for the patient. The treatment regime should be established in consultation with the patient's relatives. Then the drug can be treated, psychotherapy (psychotherapy). The doctor prescribes the medication according to the patient's need for depression.Psychotherapy involves learning how to change a person's negative thinking. There are different ways to do this. Patients can be treated collectively and individually through communication. Do not take this medicine on your own without the advice of a psychiatrist. The drug is not available in the market without a doctor's recommendation. It may also have to be used for a long time. It may take two to three weeks for the drug to take effect. It is not said that the medicine will be cured tomorrow after eating it. Symptoms of depression are completely controlled, but in the future, similar stressors can occur again and again. Being okay once doesn't mean being okay in life. Once depression has been treated properly, depression can last for a long time. But if there is such a tension going forward in the future, it can happen again.Depression can range from 1 to 3 times over a period of 3 years. If left untreated, it will cure itself within 6 to 6 months. Treatment is cured within 6 to 6 months. How many have depression  Although depression is a disease of the young, there is no age group for depression. Still more young woman's disease. Youth and women suffer the most from this disease. So children and adults also suffer from depression. In fact, depression can occur to people of any age, gender, and class. The mother suffered from this disease, not just the human being, but also the larger bones. In fact, the outbreak of depression is very frightening. Generally, as many as 6% of depression sufferers are under 6 years of age.Various studies have shown that 3-5% of people suffer from depression. Such research has not been done so far in India and Nepal. Western research suggests that anywhere from 1 to 2 Prasad shows symptoms of depression if any community is surveyed at any time.Most human diseases are caused by wrong lifestyles. Depression is a similar disease. Therefore, to avoid depression, do daily meditation, pranayama and yoga or physical exercises, eat satiety, think positively, not worry or worry. Proceed one by one, solving problems that arise in the way of life. Make the basics a great goal in life. That is because 'goal' is the basis of life. That is why Martin Luther King, Jr. has uttered a very psychological exclamation: If a person does not resolve to work for some great purpose in his life, then his life is worthless. What is interesting here is that depression strikes only when people start to feel worthless.

Thursday, August 1, 2019

What is mental illness? Why does a mental illness commit a crime?

What is mental illness?

Mental health has often been misunderstood in people. Mental illness is thought to be 'crazy'. However, mental illnesses are known to have problems other than 'crazy'. A conscious awareness program should be taken to remove such a perception in man. Most psychiatrists treat mental problems as psychiatric and addictive. Mental health problems are often associated with depression and anxiety. Most patients first go to other doctors in fear of other diseases, and only if they are not cured, they are referred to a psychiatrist. Because mental patients go to the doctor concerned with symptoms such as headache, sleep apnea, panic, depression, loss of heartbeat, palpitations, difficulty breathing, and fainting. Because of this, they have already spent a lot. The last is to go to a psychiatrist only. After normal treatment, the patient is found to be healed. But by then they have already spent a lot.While stress is the main cause, there are many other causes of mental illness. There are many causes of stress. In which stresses such as hereditary, family, mental, economic, social, play a role in increasing mental illness. Drinking alcohol causes stress on not only the wife but also the children. Alcohol causes many problems in the family and causes stress. Due to the fact that the father drinks alcohol but does not give his family time, negative thoughts on the child also affect the reading, which also makes them stressful.Likewise, there is a lot of stress on the office worker. Stress such as how to get things done, how to be good in front of a boss can lead to stress, and depression eventually leads to fear of mental illness. There are also tensions between brothers and sisters, the husband having another girl or two wives, the mother-in-law's quarrels, the wife's suspicions, and the children's children being beaten. Most depression patients come with mental illness. They have no sleep, headaches, depressed mood, forgetfulness, hunger, weight loss slowly, lack of self-confidence, anger quickly, and eventually even talk about suicide. If such symptoms are observed, the patient goes to another specialist without having to go to a psychiatrist. Going to a psychiatrist doesn't mean crazy. Therefore, if such symptoms are observed, consulting a psychiatrist will cure the patient faster.The other is the problem of fear. In such cases, symptoms such as heartbeat, difficulty in breathing, palpitations, excessive play in the mind, frequent things in the mind, fear of getting into a vehicle. Sore throat, palpitations or burns, cold sores, spasms are also symptoms of Entity. Such patients reach out to the concerned physician, saying they have increased without cause or got gastric. But they do not understand that this is due to the Angiata. It is a mental illness. If such symptoms occur, it is advisable to go to a psychiatrist. This problem is a problem that can be cured after consuming a drug with a psychologist.Hysteria is another psychiatric problem. Also known as conversion disorder. This usually applies to young people. Especially young women fight unconsciously. In the village, it is found that the ghost and goddess are dressed as dhamijhankari. But, it is a type of mental illness. Often youths are subjected to mental strain due to family conflicts, boyfriends, girlfriends, the stress of study. Such stress can be unconsciously caused by no one being aware. This will most likely happen to people of the same age and close friends. If one happens, it happens to the other and to all the students. This is a psychological one. When I see my friend fight, everyone faints, fearing that this will happen to me. It requires consultation with some, and some even require medication.Dementia is another psychological problem that is worsening in old age. But in our society, it is commonly accepted that this has happened in old age. It can also be reduced after treatment. In such cases, symptoms such as forgetfulness, suspicion of family members, lack of food or food, and behavior changes. The most common type of dementia is Alzheimer's. Brain intoxication is drying up.Special attention should be paid to sleep to prevent or prevent mental illness. There is no stress at all if you get good sleep. The person must sleep for 3 to 5 hours. Also do not consume drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, etc. If stress arises, sharing it with family or friends can also reduce it greatly.

Why does a mental illness commit a crime?

A. People with mental problems can commit deliberate and deliberate crimes:
Mental illness has sometimes been reported to cause death. Psychiatric illnesses in particular (mania, schizophrenia, marijuana intake) have been reported as a heinous crime. Mental illness has been found to be for two reasons,
1. To achieve a special purpose
2. Without a doubt

Mental illness has also been found to be a life-threatening crime, just like any other human being. Mental illness in Gorkha kills his own mother. Similarly, a father from afar west killed his son because of illness. A similar incident happened in Hetauda some 90 years ago.

It can be assumed that the mental illness was also involved in the Nirmala murder case that was reported a year ago. As far as watching 'YouTube', the mental illness that a patient has said in a nutshell, his words and face can be seen as evidence of involvement in the crime.

That is not to say that a mental patient does not commit a crime. This can be concluded by further research. This is not the case when using measles medication.

B. Mental illness sufferers can:
Many have also been found to have beaten, mentally abused, abused, and expelled their family members from their homes.
Mental illness cannot cover crime like others do, many do not even take precautions. When the disease becomes severe, they do not even know 'why and what is the result'. In this case, they may not be prosecuted. When a mentally ill person commits a crime with a definite purpose, he is at stake.

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Why is Winter Depression? How to survive

Why is Winter Depression? How to survive

Whatever the victim of mental illness, the amount may vary. There is no definite cause of this disease. Depression is caused by many problems related to genetics, environmental influences, workload, relationships.

Different problems of social and life problems, disturbance, or anxious thoughts may not affect the mind of the human being. Mental illness is not the same. Depression is a type of mental illness. And depression also has many types. Winter depression is one of them.

Winter depression can occur especially in cold weather. Winter is not depressed during the summer season. This is called seasonal depression and in the medical language, it is also called affective disorder.

Depression that occurs immediately after climate change is called seasonal depression. Which occurs not only in summer but also in winter. The human mind is not the same. Every little thing has an effect on the human mind. As the weather changes, so do the human mind. Sometimes sadness, sometimes laughter and sometimes happy. Along with the cycle of life, the human mind is also rotating.

Why is Winter Depression?

In winter, the days are short and the nights are long. Because of this, they stay away from sunlight for a long time. In a busy life, everyone takes many steps to avoid the cold in the winter. We use gas heaters, thick clothing, and hot shoes. But the heat from the sun's rays and the heat from other heaters or clothing varies greatly.

The sun's rays do not matter much in the winter. The serotonin hormone found in the body can be found only when the sun is exposed to the body. Neurochemical serotonin reduces the use of the sun's essential rays. Winters depression is caused by neurochemical serotonin deficiency.

As winter begins, everyone experiences habits such as being sluggish, unable to work, feeling weak and tired, frustrated, wanting to eat more, falling asleep, and falling asleep. These problems are a common problem for humans in winter. But it's not called depression.

In winter, there are problems with clouds, fog and being forced to stay out of the sun. The human body produces melatonin at night, a hormone called melatonin. This hormone causes more sleep. In winter, it is considered normal. But those who are angry still have more influence.

Winter depression is more prevalent in women, children and the elderly. Such a person needs more sunlight than any other human being. This problem is on the rise, especially in European countries. Winter depression is more prevalent in a country where there are 6 months days and 6 months nights.

According to statistics, the number of suicides in Nepal's Ilam is on the rise. According to psychologist Gopal Dhakal, winter depression can also be the cause of suicide by people there. Many people are suffering from thunderstorms and thunderstorms. He says, 'The foggy weather causes depression and depression in the mind. When the sun goes down, the day becomes fun. '

Symptoms of winter depression

Symptoms are depressed and sad, unable to be happy, anxious, weepy, and neglected. In winter, if these symptoms persist for more than two weeks, it should be noted that you are depressed.

Depression can lead to abnormal symptoms such as sleep apnea, loss of eating, weight loss. But when it comes to winter depression, the reverse. Winter depression causes symptoms such as excessive sleepiness, excessive eating, weight gain.

Psychologist Dhakal says, 'People do not pay attention to physical care in depression. The problem of feeling tired and lacking in energy can have a negative impact and lead to suicide. '

Winter should be a place of sunshine if depression. In the Nepalese society, it is customary to live in the sun, eat oil, eat oranges and peanuts, go picnic in the cold, dance and sing. Such activity produces serotonin. Eat foods that contain Omega-1. Fish and laziness have high amounts of omega-3. Light therapy is given to patients with winter depression by artificial heating. Therapy is given abroad using this light. Which rays like the sun. But heating a heater in a room and wearing warm clothes will not prevent this problem.

According to the World Health Organization data, about 8 percent of the world's population is mentally ill. 100 million people have mental problems and 60 million have depression. Every year eight million people commit suicide worldwide due to mental illness.

In Nepal, more than 5,000 people commit suicide every year and 3-5 people commit suicide every day. 90 percent of these suicides are caused by mental illness.

Children may also experience depression,

Children may also experience depression,


According to the latest data from the World Health Organization, more than 5 percent of the world's population is depressed. Depression is a less severe form of mental illness. This disease is a debilitating disease, more than anyone can understand. Depression is one of the most common symptoms of depression. Our brains are always using us in a normal way. But sometimes for some special reason, the heart is upset, and depression is called depression. If the heart is sad and depressed, then it is time to return to normal. For two weeks the heart is constantly feeling sad and depressed. If other symptoms come, it is also called depression. If depression is not diagnosed prematurely, it is possible that people will choose the path to suicide. A study by the World Health Organization shows that half of the 100,000 people who die in famine every year in the world commit suicide. Depression is the main cause of suicide.
Suicide prevention is becoming challenging in Nepal too. Here poverty, family conflicts, misunderstandings between husband and wife, failure in love, unemployment, various other stresses, young people are depressed by 3 to 6 percent of people. Depression is similar to that of a child, just as young or older people are. Research shows that between 3 and 5 percent of all children have depression. But many parents ignore the depression that appears in a child. Over time, children can choose the path to suicide. Depression in a child is always contested in the family by the parents, even in the family children are depressed. Depression is also seen in children when teachers are often bullied and unnecessarily ridiculed in school. One of the parents has depression, but hereditary children are more likely to have depression. Symptoms of depression in a child are difficult to detect as a young person, as a young man is, and easily unable to speak. But their behavior can be ascertained whether the child has depression or not. Children need to know that they are depressed if they cry a lot, look sad, get angry at anything, fight with friends and family members. Children need to be more careful if they are talking about dying. How To Treat What Avoidance? If children are not treated for prolonged periods of depression, such children are more likely to commit suicide. They may be seen to have psychological stress until they have no learning and reading skills according to their age. Children should be protected from depression by walking on 'regular routing; exercising regularly for various types of exercise; raising them in a good and loving home environment. Do not abuse and abuse children. If any of the children has symptoms of depression, they should be shown to the doctor immediately. If treated on time, there is psychosis and severe depression, and if the drug is fed for six months to one year, depression will be completely cured.

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