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Saturday, August 10, 2019

Autism is not a disease, but a kind of disability

How to Understand Autism?

- Autism is a special condition of the human mind. This is an inequality in development, which we call developmental disability. Because of this the child has difficulty communicating and socializing. Unable to communicate again, difficult to express, they cannot understand and change their behavior. Such social and communication problems occur in autism. This is a lifelong disability.

 Should we call autism a disease?

- It's not a disease, it's a disability. If there is a cure for the disease, disability is a condition which is untreated. She should be supported in the society by working on what is difficult for her. Disability is not meant to be effective without the help of others. When he can't communicate, not functioning, it becomes a challenge to become self-reliant. It does not appear in the beginning, it appears as the baby grows up.

(Autism) How can it be identified?

- Different symptoms may be seen two years ago, two years later or later. One year you can't talk to a baby, but the finger shows what they need. And, look at the people in front of you. They act in a way that shows others what they like. No language, but he still communicates. The baby's language should be developed for a period of 6 months or two years. The language may not develop as it ages or even if he speaks a few words, he repeats what he has said, or if no one speaks, he may have autism.

Younger children, when they are two and a half years old, like to play with other children of their age, will be attracted to, they will try to do whatever they want. But a child with autism cannot handle that level. That is, you cannot mix, play, understand the rules of the game, play with your labeled child, or play the game.

Eyes wide-eyed, not looking at the eyes, sometimes the parent is inclined to listen to the child's ears. He looks back at the word he likes. An ear can be louder, similar in behavior, twisting, body shaking, keeping a line or moving around. Communication, socialization problems, and repetitive behaviors If all three of these symptoms show up, then it is very important to suspect that it is autism.

 (Autism) In what age group can it be identified?

- Doubts can be made within eight months or a year. As I said earlier, when a child does not have joint attentions, he / she looks back at what the child sees, displays, displays to others his favorite voice and stuff. He develops this kind of dual relationship. Doubts can be made from this. It can be clearly concluded that autism is done over 6 months and within two years.

(Autism) What causes it?

- It is hereditary, but it is not inherited, there may be mutations in the gene, this mutation can be for any reason. The atmosphere, the various events of the present day, the food is not good. If anything, including the health of the mother, mutations in the gene or the disorder, the condition of the autism occurs. But I don't even know which one is Jin. It has so many systems, we call it Cluster of Gin. It must have affected a lot of gin. This type of mutation comes from the mother's stomach after mutation in the gin.

 Isn't there a method to detect the stomach in the mother?

- No.

What is the problem of autism in Nepal?

- It's too much. In Nepal, it does not have statistics, but if you look at the global statistics, it is said to be at 6 percent. It seems to be increasing by more than 5 percent now. This 5 percent is very high.

०Is recognition increased statistics or is autism actually increasing?

- Both of these things are factual. In today's people, the labels and the environment are changing. Not only in autism, other problems are on the rise. Later on, the lens of autism became better. The number of people understanding this increased, which led to the identification of children with autism.

 How can we know that we have autism in our society?

- There is a child health clinic in various hospitals including Kanti Children's Hospital, Teaching Hospital. Psychologists do it. The organization that works on autism at the national level is Autism Care Society Nepal, which is an organization run by parents. I am its chairman. Many parents like me are involved. Autism Care There are both diagnoses and assessments of autism in Nepal.

Does your own family (son) also have autism? When did you know

- Yes, my son found out when he was 6 months old. He also didn't mean to look, laugh, call someone, come in, and not go. He had no age, no eyesight at all. His attachment was more to the goods than to the people. This is what we suspect.

Even after being a medical person, you could not know your child?

- I'm not a pediatrician, I'm an anesthesiologist. My husband is also a doctor. Medical personnel are not even aware. This time, the doctor, the guardian has come to alert everyone.

What was the difference between the look and the look after having had autism?

- It was very difficult to get asept. No parent would ever imagine their offspring to be like that. The role within the family matters. Therapy is only a couple of hours, most of the time at home. Therefore, the parents should take care.

Is there a cure?

- Treatment is therapy only. Training a parent to improve his / her behavior is just about caring for the baby. There is nothing to cure, because it is a form of disability.

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