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Saturday, August 10, 2019

How to Learn math

Mathematics is also fundamental to everyday practice, such as language. Every citizen should use mathematical concepts and skills when shopping in the market daily. Learning mathematics can help students understand and interpret the most important numerical nature of life. Whatever the profession may be in the future, the skills of mathematical concepts, skills and actions increase its efficiency.

Learning mathematically, the foundation for higher education studies is also provided in other fields like business, agriculture, science and technology. Mathematical studies help students to develop a habit of creating disciplined and constructive growth and even use logical tactics to solve mathematical problems.

The sad part is, most people find mathematics difficult. Not only the student, but also his parents, ask them which subject is the most difficult - the answer can be easily found. Even so, even politicians who have the responsibility of moving to the country are heard in a variety of ways that mathematics is difficult. In fact, mathematics is not a difficult subject, it is made a 'problem'. Because, from the earliest levels of school, students fear that mathematics is a difficult subject.

Fear of being a difficult subject at first, too, due to lack of proper teaching methods, mathematics becomes a really difficult subject in the later years of student life. Students declared weak in mathematics in class one will be weak in mathematics throughout their life in classes two, three. This is the reality of the present. However, mathematics can be easier than other subjects if you adopt proper teaching methods.

The two main prerequisites for teaching mathematics are Clear Concept and More Practice. Similarly, students are more likely to forget math faster than other subjects if they do not practice consistently. Therefore, mathematics educators should always take into consideration that the solution and method of solving questions should be given greater priority. Because once you have a clear idea about a lesson, it is not a problem to know the answer to that question.

However, the opposite is being practiced in Nepali society. After seeing the mathematics teacher, we have the ironic situation where the students should be intimidated and the whole exercise on the basis of one or two questions asked by the teacher should be done in any way or else the punishment involved. Even in government schools and colleges, mathematics is becoming a headache for many students. This problem can be explained in depth by the fact that the majority of students who pass the SLC exam fail in mathematics.

So if teachers teach more clearly by giving them clear ideas and immediately ask them to do things that students do not understand, mathematics may be easier than most other subjects and a favorite of many.

In order to reduce stress, mathematics has often become a major topic for underprivileged students. Therefore, it is important to give a clear impression on this subject only when teaching emphasis in small classes. For example, students are often more inclined to five or minus five than the minus seven plus. This problem has been found not only in school students but also in college students. What if we were to pay seven bucks and we only had two bucks to solve this problem in our small class?
If asked that answer
Still pay five bucks ...
, Which indicates that the minus five is the answer. This is just a simple example. There are dozens of such incidents happening in our daily learning process.

Teaching is an art and its experience helps a lot in improving the skills of teaching. Yet general knowledge of the teaching method helps the teacher to achieve his professional success. In order to teach mathematics in a meaningful and effective way, teachers must adopt a different approach. For example, the concepts of arithmetic, algebra and geometry should be taught in unrelated terms, and emphasis should be given to the calculation process rather than the answer. Because, mathematics can be taught in different ways.

The first task of teaching mathematics is to introduce new topics to students. It is the teacher's duty to provide definitions, present examples, and explain the similarities and differences between the two concepts. Each teacher must consider how to deepen the knowledge acquired and how to attain perfection in it. Finding certain patterns in mathematical concepts, relationships, principles, etc. that the student understands, and how to use them in another situation, is another important aspect of mathematics teaching, so the teacher should use the theory presented in appropriate circumstances.

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