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Monday, August 12, 2019

Do you know, Why shrimp rubs their feet ?

Have you ever see the shrimp. But have you noticed a strange shrimp behavior? If not, remember that during the sitting, the shrimp are always rubbing their feet together. After all, what is the secret of shrimp rubbing in such a strange way? He does not rub his feet to kill or massage his cheeks. In fact, he is rubbing his feet to clean his feet or to shake off the dirty garbage in his feet. The garbage is trapped in the garbage, the particles of germs in the tongue, while the garbage sinks in the garbage. With bare eyes, the shrimp's feet look normal. But if you look at a magnifying glass that looks larger than a microscope, the entire body of the shrimp is covered with hair. Again the tongue of the shrimp is covered with gum-like substance. The germs of the garbage are stuck in both the mouth and the tongue. It has two pair of padded nude paddles on three pairs of legs, which easily pull out the garbage. Again, in the pad of the shrimp's foot, it is also releasing gum-sticking fluid. With the help of this, the shrimp can easily move on the roof, even on the surface of the shrimp.

The garbage in the garbage can also be found in our food. While sitting, germs, germs, and germs of disease fall on their own, and shrimps naturally fall off their feet. As a result, our food is dirty. If our body cannot cope with the germs of the disease after eating such a waste, we are free.

Shrimp are the most dangerous enemy of humankind. It is more dangerous than tiger-bear. Because tiger bears do not cause such great pain to humans. However, the tiny shrimp, which can carry many germs of plague, cholera, and tuberculosis, will surprise people. And it kills millions of people every year. No matter how hard it is to sit down and stick it out again, it hurts people!

Sunday, August 4, 2019

What is a black hole?

Scientists have finally released a photo of a black hole (black hole). Scientists have released the first image of a black hole in the M-7 galaxy (galaxy), some 10 million light years away from Earth.
The image of the black hole we have always imagined. According to Nepali time on Wednesday, the photo, which was made public at 7pm, looks exactly the same as we had imagined.

This black hole is 7.2 billion times larger than the sun. It is the heaviest and largest black hole in the universe. Although the image looks a bit irregular, the bright ring shape is obvious. Even the light does not escape from the black hole. The image made by scientists is a shadow of black. It is not possible to take a realistic picture of a black hole because it does not escape the light.

Astronomers have managed to capture this image with the help of the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT). The Event Horizon Telescope is a network of 6 different telescopes in the world. According to a report published in the Astro Physics Journal Letter, two hundred scientists from 19 institutions in 9 different countries of the world were involved in the work. The purpose of which was to capture a photo of the black hole event Horizon.

Event Horizon is also called Point of No Return, where no object can come out upon arrival. This is a hypothetical surface around a black hole that has been scientifically proven by scientists. Everyone is interested in how it was possible to take a picture of this object far beyond the earth.

Here's how:

The Event Horizon Telescope is a radio telescope. Which is a collective effort of various radio telescopes around the world from which a massive imaginary radio telescope, such as the Earth, was created. It is a joint effort of six radio observatory teams of the world.All radio telescopes were set to the same target. This fictitious telescope was located 4,000 miles away from Earth. This task was very difficult. Scientists have used the 'Atomic Clock' for this. Special consideration was also given to the wavelength.

According to various reports, data from telescopes was estimated to have collected more than 100,000,000 GB. Was processed in Germany. The data obtained were analyzed with the help of a supercomputer.The data was collected on hardium-filled hard disks. Hard disks were sent from the airplane when data was not transmitted via the Internet. It used radio imaging to generate image data from different types of waves.Telescopes are located in different places. It is located in areas where there is no human settlement and the effects of a desolate sky and atmospheric gases are slight. An airborne and volcanic area of ​​Mexico, mountains of the state of Arizona and Sierra Nevada in Spanish and desert in Antarctica and Antarctica in Chile's Ataca.

Symposium of Astro Physics Journal Letter:

Astro Physics Journal has published two papers on the work of the Event Horizon Telescope. The research report contains all the details of the project and the achievements so far.
The first paper contains a picture of a black hole and a summary of achievements. Which contains the complete details of the project and the achievements so far. The second paper describes the series (array) of the Event Horizon Telescope. Which contains observations and telescopes related to the black hole. The paper mentions the observations made using the system, technology and resources built on the Event Horizon Telescope, as well as the details of the progress of the work.

The third paper focuses on the full details of the observations, summarizing the statistics, details of the required protocols and how the conclusions were drawn. The fourth paper describes the methodology for drawing a picture and how it was constructed. The old method of solving the process of mathematical process for image creation and the new mathematical calculation method was adopted by the instrumentalists used in EHT. It took months to test and calculate the figures obtained.The fifth paper describes the general relativistic magnetohydrodynamic (GRMHD) simulations used for fine-grained image simulation and the use of Adams ray tracing method for image acquisition and jet launching of black holes.
The sixth paper covers the system used, the substitution of the obtained statistics, the weight of the black hole, and the black hole and its time interval.

'Albert Einstein was right'

According to physicist Udayaraj Khanal, the image obtained showed that scientific confirmation of Albert Einstein was correct. Einstein noted that time and space will end when the power and the body are united in one place.

Which was later interpreted as Singularity by other scientists. In the middle part of the black hole is Singularity, where all power and body are integrated. He said it was covered by Event Horizon.

According to him, Einstein said that the interpretation of space, time and gravity was correct.
Said objects were moving toward the center of the black hole. Like Newton's theory of gravity points to 'point mass', Einstein's theory of relativity points to relativity's point mass. Einstein noted that gravity does not affect the speed of light.
Einstein said that all motions, objects and phenomena in the universe are relative and all are related to the speed of light. According to him, space and space time are not as flat as previously believed, it is rotating. This has again confirmed the geometric etymology of 'space and time' according to Einstein's theory. Earlier it was confirmed that there were gravitational waves.

What is a black hole?

The black hole is an area where the light also disappears. The light is the 'trap'. The black hole draws no object to itself and does not escape. It has the ability to pull an entire solar system into itself. It has a lot of gravitational force. Nothing can reach the event Horizon. The object that reaches there is compressed at the center of it. Udayraj Khanal Astronomer.
Astrophysicist and eighth-century scientist Staph Hawkins did a lot of research on the black hole. He dedicated his life to it. He also mentioned radiation emanating from the black hole. Called Hawking's Radiation.

As the big stars approach the end of their life cycle, they are destroyed and thus become black holes. Where there can be millions of stars, even galaxies. Its density is enormous. Many larger objects are compressed into a smaller object and the gravitational force of these objects is greater.

According to the physicist, Khanal, the substance in the published image was falling into the black hole and there was no light. According to him, the light seen in the picture is a flickering light in the black hole.

'Sun cannot become black hole':

According to the physicist Khanal, the sun could not become a black hole under any circumstances. According to him, the stars weighing 1/3 times the Sun can go into the final phase and become black holes. These stars rotate and become black holes with a high gravitational force. Similarly, objects moving in the sky may become larger and black holes.

According to him, our solar system cannot go to the black hole. The black hole larger than the solar system is millions of light years away from us, and the probability that a black hole is very close to our solar system is very low, he said. According to him it is a fantasy.

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Pluto reintroduced as a planet

Pluto reintroduced as a planet

Pluto, which has long been regarded as a planet, has been declared as a planet in 7 years.
The International Astronomical Union (IU), the body responsible for the classification of objects in the Universe, has just announced Pluto as a major planet.

Long-established and regarded as the ninth planet in our solar system, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Planet-X have received the same level of re-recognition. Many know that everyone's favorite planet was given the status of asteroids by removing Pluto from the ninth planet of the solar system in the 5th. Due to this decision, Ayu was becoming notorious and omnipresent.

The announcement of Pluto as a full-fledged planet of the Solar System and its asteroid in year 1 had created a huge outcry among the people. From that time the campaign to re-affirm Pluto was re-introduced to the planet, but it did not find success.
However, Ayu has corrected his old decision, mistaking it. Accordingly, Aiu has issued a press release recognizing Pluto, the planet once again filled with ice.
Remember, there were eight planets in the solar system when Pluto was declared an asteroid. But with Pluto again recognized as a planet, the number of planets in the solar system has reached nine. So another planet named Planet X is believed to be in our solar system.

Bacteria are not only carriers of disease, they are also good friends of humans!

Not surprisingly, bacteria are not only carriers of disease, but they are also good friends of humans!

As soon as the bacteria are exposed, we start to think about the terrible diseases. Because of the many dangerous diseases and problems, such as typhus, cholera, leprosy, plague, TB, diphtheria, pneumonia, etc. So it is only natural to scare the bacteria by name. Bacteria are found everywhere
Bacteria can be found in every corner of the earth, in the soil, sea, and even in the frigid snow of Antarctica. Most of them live on plants, in animal bodies. Only a person's body contains more than 3 times the amount of bacteria in his body. Most of them live in the digestive system.

Some bacteria are found in soil or in dead vegetation. These bacteria play an important role in the nutrient regeneration the soil needs.

Some cause food spoilage and damage the farm. But again, foods made from yogurt or alcoholic liquids are a non-essential element of bacteria.
Only a relatively small number of bacteria cause various diseases.

The reproductive process of bacteria
Bacteria reproduce through the 'binary fission' process. In this process, the bacteria that have only one cell are split into two exactly the same child cells. The 'binary fission' begins when the DNA of the bacteria starts to split into two.

The bacterial cell is then elongated and split into two. While both will have the exact type of DNA in the baby's cell, they are the 'clones' of the parent cell.

With the proper temperature and nutrients, bacteria like Escherichia coli can split within 5 minutes. This means that within 1 hour, the bacteria can grow from one to 5, 19, 5.
An hour later, the number of such bacteria reaches 1,4,5,3. So when infectious bacteria invade our bodies, we get sick soon.

The process of living
Some bacteria can form 'indospores'. 'Indospores' are an inactive form of bacteria that have a strong resistance to adverse physical and chemical conditions such as heterogeneous heat, ultra-violet radiation, and germicidal chemicals.

Because of this, it is very difficult to destroy bacteria. Bacteria that produce 'indospore' are endangered. An example of this is the Bacillus anthrax, which is anthrax.
Not all bacteria are bad

    But not all bacteria are bad for humans. So far, there have been around 300 to 2,000 species of bacteria detected in the world. Most of them are infectious, meaning only about 3 bacteria infect us. Such bacteria are called pathogenic bacteria. Other bacteria are harmless to humans. On the contrary, most bacteria are somehow extremely useful to people and nature.

  Bacteria occur in the air, water, and ground everywhere. Even so, it is found in the deepest depths of the oceans. But it cannot be seen with our bare eyes. It's very subtle. Bacteria in size range from 1 to 5 micrometers (equal to twenty-five thousand parts of an inch).

   This picture is of a bacterium known as Disease. The bacterium is named Neisseria meningitides. It causes meningitis and other diseases caused by bacteria. Bacteria act to decay and kill dead organisms and plants.

   Imagine for a moment, what would the world be like if there were no bacteria? The world would be covered with dead creatures and plants!

   Bacteria are eaten by animals and plants. In this way, the bacteria give their complex substances in common. And, the same thing can be found in soil, water, or air, as a living organism or plant can receive it.

We have dinner. Other creatures also eat food. Bacteria also digest the food they eat. There is a lot of bacteria in people's gut. Bacteria in the gut begin to break down and break down food that is broken into the gastric system. At the same time, bacteria produce certain types of vitamins, nutrients, which our bodies absorb.

One type of bacteria in the soil stops nitrogen and makes it nutritious for food. We get food from certain plants. Apart from this, the use of bacteria in yogurt, pickles, cheeses, vinegar making, certain colors, plastic, cosmetics, tobacco, some medicines and some types of yarn, soap is also used.

To sum it all up, people know little about the usefulness of bacteria. In the future, people will certainly find ways to utilize the bacteria in many ways, which is a very useful and humane way.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

can we record dream

Monday, March 5, 2018

what is science and brief history of science

Monday, September 12, 2016

"If Object Velocity is More Than Velocity of light"

The above concepts deal only on the small object but in the case of star or planet or simply football, try to move them in the speed of the velocity of the light or near it is impossible !!  However, there is nothing that prevents objects that are separated by huge distances from moving relative to each other faster than the speed of light. Over these large distances, the effects of the universe's expansion become important, and the above discussion no longer applies.
No one knows it !! what happens, because it is impossible to travel faster than light.
Science supposes the fundamental limit of speed is light. Now feel interesting to read this question why all the particles that move at the speed of light (e.g. photons) have zero rest mass. If the particle with mass approaches the speed of light, then its energy increases and becomes infinite at the speed of light, which is the reason why it can never be accelerated to reach that speed. This concept has been verified by experiments, and finally, the scientist put out the concept nothing moves faster than light. 

In the sense of science , The limit of light speed is applied int he case of  "inertial frame" -- that is, you are  sitting without any forces acting on you, and you measuring the speed of an object which moves, you measured the time and distance travels by it with the help of ruler and clock. In the case of large distances in the universe, however, we have a very different set of circumstances. No one is in an inertial frame because everyone is being accelerated with respect to everyone else, due to the universe's gravitational field and the fact that the universe is expanding. In effect, the universe's expansion isn't really due to galaxies moving "through space" away from each other, but rather due to the stretching of space itself, which isn't governed by the same limits that we are.
Thus, in fact, it's impossible to move through space (locally) faster than the speed of light, and it's impossible for anyone within the universe to send off a piece of "information" faster than the speed of light, it is still possible for the distances between faraway galaxies to increase faster than the speed of light, due to the rate at which the space between them is stretching. This faster than light "travel" doesn't have any effect on the material that makes up the galaxies (for example, their energy does not become infinite in any meaningful sense) since they aren't really moving with respect to each other in any way that they can measure directly.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

gravitational fact

1. Larger masses have greater gravity

One day God came and ask for one man'' dear son ask me wishes '', and the man says that'' I would like to visit the different planet ''.and god give wishes, then he started to visit the planet. when he visited the planet his weight is the increase in larger masses planet and a decrease in small masses planet.   This above story is not real it only imagines but it is real that, if it is possible to man can visit different planet then the weight comes different in different planet .larger masses planet have large weight and smaller masses planet have small weight . for example Someone who weighs 150 pounds on Earth would — if it were possible to stand on Jupiter — weight a whopping 354 pounds on the enormous gas giant.

2. ''if we drop two things from the building then they fall down in same  time''
you have seen in south Indian movies when the girl falls down from building then after some time boy jumps down and catch does it possible ?? It is gravitation rule ''if we drop two things from building then they fall down in same  time'' , then how that possible ?that is not possible gravitation rule say that the girl and boy fall in different time then they come on surface in different time, and you can ask me that if we throw the stone and feather then we drop freely does the come on surface same time ? you have clear that air resistance depends on the mass and volume.

3. Food Doesn’t Taste Same In Space
one day one scientist decides to visit space, his wife makes different delicious food for him and gives him. He brings that thing and goes for space, but when he eats food in space he doesn't get any test and started vomiting, In space, there is no gravity to pull down fluids – astronaut’s sinuses get clogged up and they can’t really taste much of anything.

Astronauts do not consume carbonated drinks because in space it is hard to separate the liquid and gas in the stomach which leads to ‘wet burp’ (similar to vomiting)

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