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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Why is Winter Depression? How to survive

Why is Winter Depression? How to survive

Whatever the victim of mental illness, the amount may vary. There is no definite cause of this disease. Depression is caused by many problems related to genetics, environmental influences, workload, relationships.

Different problems of social and life problems, disturbance, or anxious thoughts may not affect the mind of the human being. Mental illness is not the same. Depression is a type of mental illness. And depression also has many types. Winter depression is one of them.

Winter depression can occur especially in cold weather. Winter is not depressed during the summer season. This is called seasonal depression and in the medical language, it is also called affective disorder.

Depression that occurs immediately after climate change is called seasonal depression. Which occurs not only in summer but also in winter. The human mind is not the same. Every little thing has an effect on the human mind. As the weather changes, so do the human mind. Sometimes sadness, sometimes laughter and sometimes happy. Along with the cycle of life, the human mind is also rotating.

Why is Winter Depression?

In winter, the days are short and the nights are long. Because of this, they stay away from sunlight for a long time. In a busy life, everyone takes many steps to avoid the cold in the winter. We use gas heaters, thick clothing, and hot shoes. But the heat from the sun's rays and the heat from other heaters or clothing varies greatly.

The sun's rays do not matter much in the winter. The serotonin hormone found in the body can be found only when the sun is exposed to the body. Neurochemical serotonin reduces the use of the sun's essential rays. Winters depression is caused by neurochemical serotonin deficiency.

As winter begins, everyone experiences habits such as being sluggish, unable to work, feeling weak and tired, frustrated, wanting to eat more, falling asleep, and falling asleep. These problems are a common problem for humans in winter. But it's not called depression.

In winter, there are problems with clouds, fog and being forced to stay out of the sun. The human body produces melatonin at night, a hormone called melatonin. This hormone causes more sleep. In winter, it is considered normal. But those who are angry still have more influence.

Winter depression is more prevalent in women, children and the elderly. Such a person needs more sunlight than any other human being. This problem is on the rise, especially in European countries. Winter depression is more prevalent in a country where there are 6 months days and 6 months nights.

According to statistics, the number of suicides in Nepal's Ilam is on the rise. According to psychologist Gopal Dhakal, winter depression can also be the cause of suicide by people there. Many people are suffering from thunderstorms and thunderstorms. He says, 'The foggy weather causes depression and depression in the mind. When the sun goes down, the day becomes fun. '

Symptoms of winter depression

Symptoms are depressed and sad, unable to be happy, anxious, weepy, and neglected. In winter, if these symptoms persist for more than two weeks, it should be noted that you are depressed.

Depression can lead to abnormal symptoms such as sleep apnea, loss of eating, weight loss. But when it comes to winter depression, the reverse. Winter depression causes symptoms such as excessive sleepiness, excessive eating, weight gain.

Psychologist Dhakal says, 'People do not pay attention to physical care in depression. The problem of feeling tired and lacking in energy can have a negative impact and lead to suicide. '

Winter should be a place of sunshine if depression. In the Nepalese society, it is customary to live in the sun, eat oil, eat oranges and peanuts, go picnic in the cold, dance and sing. Such activity produces serotonin. Eat foods that contain Omega-1. Fish and laziness have high amounts of omega-3. Light therapy is given to patients with winter depression by artificial heating. Therapy is given abroad using this light. Which rays like the sun. But heating a heater in a room and wearing warm clothes will not prevent this problem.

According to the World Health Organization data, about 8 percent of the world's population is mentally ill. 100 million people have mental problems and 60 million have depression. Every year eight million people commit suicide worldwide due to mental illness.

In Nepal, more than 5,000 people commit suicide every year and 3-5 people commit suicide every day. 90 percent of these suicides are caused by mental illness.

Children may also experience depression,

Children may also experience depression,


According to the latest data from the World Health Organization, more than 5 percent of the world's population is depressed. Depression is a less severe form of mental illness. This disease is a debilitating disease, more than anyone can understand. Depression is one of the most common symptoms of depression. Our brains are always using us in a normal way. But sometimes for some special reason, the heart is upset, and depression is called depression. If the heart is sad and depressed, then it is time to return to normal. For two weeks the heart is constantly feeling sad and depressed. If other symptoms come, it is also called depression. If depression is not diagnosed prematurely, it is possible that people will choose the path to suicide. A study by the World Health Organization shows that half of the 100,000 people who die in famine every year in the world commit suicide. Depression is the main cause of suicide.
Suicide prevention is becoming challenging in Nepal too. Here poverty, family conflicts, misunderstandings between husband and wife, failure in love, unemployment, various other stresses, young people are depressed by 3 to 6 percent of people. Depression is similar to that of a child, just as young or older people are. Research shows that between 3 and 5 percent of all children have depression. But many parents ignore the depression that appears in a child. Over time, children can choose the path to suicide. Depression in a child is always contested in the family by the parents, even in the family children are depressed. Depression is also seen in children when teachers are often bullied and unnecessarily ridiculed in school. One of the parents has depression, but hereditary children are more likely to have depression. Symptoms of depression in a child are difficult to detect as a young person, as a young man is, and easily unable to speak. But their behavior can be ascertained whether the child has depression or not. Children need to know that they are depressed if they cry a lot, look sad, get angry at anything, fight with friends and family members. Children need to be more careful if they are talking about dying. How To Treat What Avoidance? If children are not treated for prolonged periods of depression, such children are more likely to commit suicide. They may be seen to have psychological stress until they have no learning and reading skills according to their age. Children should be protected from depression by walking on 'regular routing; exercising regularly for various types of exercise; raising them in a good and loving home environment. Do not abuse and abuse children. If any of the children has symptoms of depression, they should be shown to the doctor immediately. If treated on time, there is psychosis and severe depression, and if the drug is fed for six months to one year, depression will be completely cured.

Why Depression? What is its treatment?

Why Depression? What is its treatment?

Depression or depression is increasing its impact not only in Nepal but worldwide. According to the latest data from the World Health Organization, more than 5 percent of the world's population is depressed.

Depression is a less severe form of mental illness. In other words, dysentery is a disease. There is always a seemingly debilitating disease.

Depending on what kind of situation we have in our daily lives, our moods will be different. However, in the normal case, if health has reached a different stage in human beings, we will never stay in the same state of mind for a long time. If for some reason someone is upset, after some time, the mind returns to normal. If the mind is upset, the mind is irritated for a while and after some time has passed, the problem of panic is resolved itself. This is usually the case.

Our minds and body are using us in a normal way. But sometimes for some special reason, if the heart is unhappy, we call it depression.

If the heart is sad and depressed, it may be time to return to normal and not go back to normal. For two weeks, the heart is constantly feeling sad and depressed.

Why Depression?

There is no single definition of what causes depression. Different people may have different reasons. However, as the chemicals in the body decrease, they cause depression. This condition can also be caused by a lack of serotonin, epinephrine, norepinephrine, and dopamine in various chemicals found in the brain. It is also affected by various types of hormones found in the body.

It cannot be claimed that depression is the cause. But there are different reasons.

The first reason is hereditary. Depression can happen if the family's father, mother, grandparents, grandparents, or even older generations have had depression at any time.

Depression can also be caused by stress and certain events in life.

Depression is caused by an imbalance of some chemical changes.

Depression does not occur if any of the stresses or stresses can be tolerated, but depression can arise if that stressful state cannot be dealt with mentally.

Symptoms of depression

There are three main goals of depression.


-Lack of willpower

-Physical weakness

-These three targets are not caused by any physical ailments, but they are a state of depression.

-There are other targets.

-Lack of attention

-Weakness of self-confidence

-Inferiority complex

There is repentance, even small things, without reason. No sleep, no food, no words to speak, no heart to be happy, no feeling of happiness and happiness at first, headaches, heart palpitations, loneliness and crying alone.

What happens if you are negligent? (depression)

After being depressed and left untreated, he heals himself for 6 months to 6 months. However, if left untreated, the symptoms worsen. When a depression sufferer reaches such a point, he will be unable to do anything except give up.

There may be thoughts of suicide. Your own life may be in danger. Daily life can have a big impact. Impact on social, economic, family and business life. If it is impacted, then the person suffers. That is why it is so important to treat this disease during the time of the disease.

Treatment of depression

It can be cured quickly if it is identified and treated on time. We have the illusion that if we get depressed, we need to take life-long medication, which is wrong. After consuming the medicine for some time, the disease can be fully controlled. No need to take medication. But, the right treatment should be in the right place. There are two methods of treatment, one is treated by medication, the other is psychotherapy.

Many do not know that depression occurs. Many people may have the disease. There is no such awareness and awareness. First of all, you need to identify depression. If you have or have seen others, you should be advised to go for treatment. Patient safety is the first treatment. At this point, the patient has a lot of negative thinking. If the treatment is timely, the disease is cured.

It is not just by estimating the cure for the disease. So first you have to find out what kind of depression and treat it.

The patient should discuss what is the appropriate treatment method for the patient. The treatment regime should be established in consultation with the patient's relatives.

Then the drug can be treated, psychotherapy (psychotherapy).

The doctor prescribes the medication according to the patient's need for depression.

Psychotherapy involves learning how to change a person's negative thinking. There are different ways to do this. Patients can be treated collectively and individually through communication.

Do not take this medicine on your own without the advice of a psychiatrist. The drug is not available in the market without a doctor's recommendation.

It may also have to be used for a long time. It may take two to three weeks for the drug to take effect. The drug is not supposed to be cured tomorrow after eating it. It has to be used for 6 months. Symptoms of depression are completely controlled, but in the future, similar stressors can occur again and again. Being okay once doesn't mean being okay in life. Once depression has been treated properly, depression can last for a long time. But if there is such a tension going forward in the future, it can happen again.

Depression can range from 1 to 3 times over a period of 3 years.

If left untreated, it will cure itself within 6 to 6 months. Treatment is cured within 6 to 6 months.

How many have depression?

Although depression is a disease of the young, there is no age group for depression. Still more young woman's disease. Youth and women suffer the most from this disease. So children and adults also suffer from depression. In fact, depression can occur to people of any age, gender, and class. The mother suffered from this disease, not just the human being, but also the larger bones. In fact, the outbreak of depression is very frightening.

Generally, as many as 6% of depression sufferers are under 6 years of age.

Various studies have shown that 3-5% of people suffer from depression. Such research has not been done so far in India and Nepal. Western research suggests that anywhere from 1 to 2 Prashant's symptoms of depression are observed in any community at any time.

Most human diseases are caused by wrong lifestyles. Depression is a similar disease. Therefore, to avoid depression, do daily meditation, pranayama and yoga or physical exercises, eat satiety, think positively, not worry or worry. Proceed one by one, solving problems that arise in the way of life. Make the basics a great goal in life. That is because 'goal' is the basis of life. That is why Martin Luther King, Jr. has uttered a very psychological exclamation: If a person does not resolve to work for some great purpose in his life, then his life is worthless. What is interesting here is that depression strikes only when people start to feel worthless.

What is Depression ?, Its Symptoms and Remedies

what is Depression ?, Its Symptoms and Remedies

At different times, we may suffer from depression. Depression can nullify people's enthusiasm. Depression has led some to attempt suicide. Depression has the effect of causing fear and anxiety within the person, making the heartache, leading to loneliness.
Depression is a type of mental illness. Symptoms of depression, depression, depression, and depression are signs of depression. Depression is a state of sadness. Therefore, even depression can be a mental illness. Depressive symptoms, such as being overwhelmed by heart, with no ego, or with poor moods, can last for more than two weeks.
Depression can happen to people of any age or gender. International research has shown that 1 in 6 people have depression. Therefore, the problem of depression is becoming a global concern and concern. Depression is cured. However, this condition needs to be identified and treated early. The symptoms, treatment and prevention measures for depression are as follows:

Symptoms of depression

1. Little or no sleep,
2. Feeling restless or sluggish at the sight of others,
3. Unable to make decisions or concentrate,
4 Being depressed all day,
5. Feeling disrespectful to yourself and feeling helpless,
6. Feeling tired all the time,
7. Starving, changing food tastes,
8. Weight loss,
9. Frequently thinking about death,
10 To stop doing what you love,
11 Do not be happy and do not feel overwhelmed by anything

In our brain, there is a chemical called 'neurotransmitter' which acts to balance the mental state. If not, such chemicals in the brain are not sufficiently depressed. If a family member ever had such a disease and severe mental injury in childhood, it is possible to get depression. Likewise, depression leads to depression, chronic illness, and mental stress. Depression can be estimated in any person who has the above-mentioned symptoms for a period of two weeks or longer. If left untreated, these symptoms can last for weeks, months, or even years and can have serious health effects.
Most people and family members who have depression problems try to hide it. Most do not even know that depression is cured. People who know depression treat depression as a more common problem. Depression is again linked to 'insanity'. People want to avoid this problem out of the family as much as possible. The big problem is the same thinking. If depression spreads the awareness that disease is a cure and healing, many can get rid of it. Treatment for depression is not as easy as treating other diseases. Depression is treated in two ways. One through specialist consultation and the other using medication.
1. Drug treatment of depression
Depression does not have to be cured by medication. If the cause of the illness is not improved, then after using the drug, the patient can go back to depression. The 'antidepressant' given to depression sufferers increases the activity of brain chemicals affecting the patient's thinking. Typically, such medicines need to be taken for up to 6 months. However, such medications may need to be consumed in the long run depending on the patient's condition and disease complexity or age.

2. Counseling & Therapy of depression
Finding the cause of an illness caused by depression is the key to healing half the disease. Expert counselors and psychiatrists play a big role in detecting the cause of depression and getting patients out of it. Scientific lab tests, such as other diseases, do not say the cause of depression. Since this problem is linked to mental illness, proper counseling is the first basis for curing the disease. Here are the main ways to relieve depression without using drugs.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy of depression
The process of individually evaluating a patient's thinking style through various questionnaires and exercises is called cognitive behavior therapy. It teaches skills to view and resolve situations differently.

2.Personal Therapy of depression
Interpersonal therapy is a method of finding a problem by focusing on the patient's relationship and the innermost things. Some may find it difficult to communicate with others about secrets and deep feelings or deep wounds. Such problems make people depressed. Counselors and psychotherapists try to dig into what is hidden inside the heart and find out what is not known outside.

Electro Convulsing Therapy (use of electric shock) of depression
Depression sufferers have reached the untouchable stage even with medication and counseling, and electric shock, Electro Convulsing Therapy, is used. This is considered as a last resort. If the patient is in critical condition then an electric shock is given to the brain.

Preventive measures of depression
- Be physically active,
- Making time for fun work,
- Spending time with your colleagues,
- Meditating,
- Not too ambitious,
- Eat a balanced and nutritious diet,
- Avoid smoking and drinking addiction,
- If any symptoms of depression appear, consult a specialist doctor

What is the importance of chemistry in human life?

Chemistry is the branch of science in which the changes in the composition, structure, properties and chemical reaction of substances are studied. The human body itself is also made of chemical composition and the environment required for human life is also a mixture of chemical elements.

Chemistry is the branch of science in which the changes in the composition, structure, properties and chemical reaction of substances are studied. Human life can not be seen separately from chemistry, because living organisms, gas, liquid, solids and powders are made up of chemical elements only from the most humid minerals like diamonds and most hard minerals such as diamonds.

The human body itself is also made of chemical composition and the environment required for human life is also a mixture of chemical elements. The use of chemistry in day-to-day life is as follows:


Ditol and phenyl etc., which are used to clean the body's wounds in the form of homicides and disinfectants, are actually chemical substances. Ditol is called chlorophyllinol. The doctor also cleans the wound with hydrogen peroxide before strapping it. Because of the genetic properties, iodine tincture is used for dressing in hospitals. Bleaching powder/calcium hypochlorite is used to clean the water sources and to clean the drains. Phenol is used in mouthwash making and dental work.

beauty product

Most cosmetics are currently manufactured by chemical substances, such as, in the polypalish, titanium oxide is used, cold-cream mineral oil is prepared by combining the perfume into a mixture of wax, water and borax, in the formation of powder Khadiya, Tailkam, Zinc Oxide, Smooth Soil, and Starch, etc. are mixed with others and lipsticks are manufactured from wax, wire Is by gas and oil |

Stationery items

The paper is made from pulp from the wood, and many types of raisins are inserted in it, by which the use of the undesirable material gets out of it and the pure cellulose is saved. Then remove it from bleaching powder and add it to the clay soil or starch. Is mixed. The graphite present in the pencil is also a corpus of carbon and it is soft and electrode conductor.


When a photo of an object is drawn, the light from the object falls on the lens of the film, and the chemical composition of the film on the film changes Vastu's negative. Later, positive pictures from the negative are taken from the sodium thiosulfate coated paper and are developed.

Soap and detergent

Soaps and detergents are a mixture of chemical compounds or compounds used for refining/washing. A mixture of soap sodium or potassium salts and fatty acids that does the cleaning process in water, while detergents also do the same thing but for washing/refining, it is better than soap because of the hardness of the water But there is no effect.

agricultural operation

Currently, the use of chemicals is increasing in agricultural work. Fertilizers and pesticides are chemical mixtures that increase the productivity of crops as well as save them from being destroyed. High yielding seeds are also produced by the chemical verbs. Fertilizers, pesticides and high yielding seeds were an important contribution in bringing the green revolution in India, which not only made the country self-reliant in food grains, but also the situation of food security has improved.

Industry and transport

In the textile industry, the metal industry, leather industry, petrochemical industry, etc. chemicals are used in any form. Crude oil, petrol, diesel, kerosene, etc. are separated by the chemical verb. CNG gas used in transport is also a chemical mixture. Leather processing, called tanning, is a chemical process.

In addition to these areas, chemistry plays an important role in the formation of weapons, the manufacture of utensils, etc. And its role in human life is increasing continuously.

What is depression? These are the things you need to know about depression ... how to become mentally healthy?

Depression is a disease seen long ago. Depression is a disease found in many people. Depression in the lifetime is estimated to be 5 percent in men and 5 percent in women, the World Health Organization said.

Depressive illnesses are considered to be different. There are problems with complaining of frequent treatment, many examinations but no disease. Some patients have also been suicidal due to the same pain. Depression is a symptom seen in many organs at once.

Some patients get intoxicated, shake hands, shake their hands, say silica, the body is hot. When the disease is not detected, they visit many drugstores. Some patients go to Dhamizhankari

The causes of depression in Nepal are the main causes of familial strife, failure of work, the expulsion of husband, death of kin, death of relatives, living abroad, loss of business, quitting employment, abstaining from parents in infancy, and political imbalance.

Some depression sufferers do not sleep or sleep at night. Depression sufferers dream so much. Many depression sufferers find themselves unsuccessful and pessimistic about the future. Some come to the doctor with symptoms of sexual dysfunction.

If the symptoms of depression appear for at least 6 weeks then the disease can be confirmed. The exact cause of depression is not known in women, but it is estimated that the disease is more prevalent as women are less able to bear it.

 There are many Nepalis who suffer from depression. Some patients initially have symptoms such as headaches, forgetfulness, loss of self-esteem, feeling overwhelmed, and unable to see when the person is hurt.

Depression manifests in people. The symptoms vary accordingly. Some depression sufferers are more inclined to anger, preferring to be alone.

Physical illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, thyroid gland, and chronic patients are more likely to develop later depression. Depression also causes some patients to get stuck in the throat, cry themselves to cancer, panic about dying, worry about family and hopelessness in life.

Depression sufferers may not even notice what is needed, such as seeing a sick person on the street or feeling anxious and anxious when they see a dead person. Depression sufferers always argue unnecessarily based on the same phenomenon. For example, if you fail 3 times in the exam, now you will always fail. Which is wrong.

Some depression patients suffer from negative thinking. Even if you do not have such thoughts in your mind, it can make you feel tired. City scan, YRI, for depression patients showed no problem. However, serotonin and norepinephrine appear to be deficient in the brain when tested for neurotransmitters.

Depression is a complex disease. There are many different types of depression. And the symptoms also vary according to the type. Timely treatment will cure the disease. It is difficult for many doctors to identify this disease.

Some depression patients also have symptoms such as tremors, tremors, sudden fainting, no palpitation, loss of body sensation, nausea or vomiting.

It has also been found that some patients suffer from depressive illness due to the strange symptoms of beatings and witchcraft charges. Depression sufferers, who account for about one-third of all mental illnesses, prefer to think that they have nausea.

3 percent of people in the community suffer from depression. Unrecognizable because they cannot be treated. Depression is the main cause of suicide in the community.

What problems do patients with depression experience?

- Patients describe themselves as having symptoms of headaches.
- Some patients suspect cancer.
- Some are afraid that something may be stuck in their throat.
- Some say there is a problem with the sexual organs.
- Some patients complain of stomach upset, stomach upset.
- Someone reaches out to a cardiologist saying they have heart disease.
- Some complaint about backache and arthritis problems.
- Some complain that food is deficient in indigestion and digestion.
- Some people tremble and talk and believe in witchcraft.
- Someone suddenly says he was awake.
- Depression sufferers prefer to be alone in a quiet place.
- Some worry and worry about their lives.

How to become mentally healthy?

- Do not think deeply about unnecessary things.
- Accepting the achievements of others and being happy.
- Don't believe in the old orthodox things that are currently being falsified.
- Learn to be happy, contented and happy in everything.
- Be content with what you have, but not work hard.
- Avoid these items, as there is a high likelihood of getting mental illness when consuming drugs, alcohol, drugs.
- Competing health in daily life.
- To end the environment of evil in society, home, and family.
- Don't be too moral and don't expect too much from others.
- Make a habit of telling your problems to your family and friends, which can help to reduce your anxiety.
- Keep your mind calm.
- Yoga, exercise.
- Enjoying, giving family time.
-Speaking of the heart.

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Do you have depression This can be avoided Suicide without proper treatment - Women are more affected than men

Are you having more time to spend? Is panic dying and anger and depression growing? Feeling sad all day long? Interest in anything going down?

If the answer is positive, then you need to be careful. You should go to the concerned doctor soon. It may even be a symptom of depression or depression. Depression affects your experience, behavior, and thinking, causing emotional and physical problems. As the disease progresses, not only do you find your daily activities difficult, but your life becomes meaningless.

Depending on how far-reaching it may be, depression is the result of the suicide of many famous people, including singer Yum Budha.

Depression is the only suicide without proper treatment.

But this does not happen suddenly. The signal starts to appear for a long time. We are slowly suffering from depression, but we do not know that this is happening.

'If you stop believing in something, if you do not want to meet someone, if you are just playing with your mind, you are suffering from depression, even in pleasant conditions,' said senior psychiatrist Dr. "If you see such symptoms, you should seek the advice of a health worker or a psychiatrist," says Vidyadev Sharma.

Likewise, lack of sleep at night, waking up suddenly at bedtime, irritability, regrets, frustration, and overwhelming self-esteem are also symptoms of depression.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), depression is a common mental disorder. Every year more than 100 million people in all age groups of the world suffer from the disease. The prevalence of depression is estimated to increase by 3 percent from 1 to 5, the WHO said. It is effective in treating glaucoma.

Depression is a leading cause of disability worldwide. It is also one of the most contagious diseases in the world. Women are more affected by depression than men.

Excessive depression is the result of ill-health. About 100,000 people commit suicide annually in the world. Suicide is the second leading cause of death in the age group of 3-5 years.

According to a government study, suicide is the leading cause of death in women aged 3-5 years in Nepal. Similarly, even though the second death toll in this group is referred to as an accident, it is difficult to say what percentage of such accidents are hidden or hidden. Sharma explains.

According to the WHO, despite the known effective treatment for depression, less than half of the world's population (less than 5 percent of work in many countries) receive such treatment.

In our country, depression has increased in the disease as well as the number of doctors seeking treatment for it has increased. The social support system in Nepal is much less than before, pointing to the fact that senior psychiatrist Dr. Nirakaraman Shrestha says, “In the past, being a joint family, there was cooperation, support, and affection for each other. There is no such situation now due to single-family, young population migrating from the country, etc. It is also a factor of increasing depression. '

Another reason is the increasing isolation lifestyle in our country right now. Competition is very high in every area. In the young population, the pressure is high. The expectations of parents, teachers, relatives are very high for them. Depression is increasing in the younger generation despite the pressure to relieve it.
The use of drugs, alcohol, etc. in various ways is also contributing to depression. Shrestha adds, 'Increasing consumption of alcoholic beverages, including beer, wine, among young people, is the cause of depression.'

Dr. Pahlavi points out that the unrealistic wishes that parents have for their children are a factor in adolescent suicide. Sharma says, "Parents who love and marry their children are struggling while talking on mobile."

What is Depression?
We all feel sad for some time in our lives. But depression is much more serious, long, and tragic.

It is natural for an event or cause to be disturbed for two weeks or less. But persistent depression for more than two weeks can be a symptom of depression. Depression is not madness.

Similarly, depression may also be due to some therapeutic causes, such as low thyroid activation, side effects of some medications.

Why Depression?
At present, there is a big gap between what we are looking for and what we have found. The aspiration that the media has influenced by the masses is not achieved because of the socio-economic conditions.
If people's aspirations are too high and the income is too low, it is also a factor of depression. Sharma explains.

Stress causes disturbance to many hormone levels in the body. Stress significantly increases adrenalin and cortisol hormone levels, among others. Depression is caused by constant stress.
Constant stress causes brain cells and the hippocampus to collapse. The hippocampus is an area of ​​the brain that remembers something new and retains old memories. People who have a family history of depression are more likely to become depressed. In addition, some genetic changes in the chromosome may also cause depression.

Dr stress can also be considered as a factor in depression in countries including Nepal, even as social, political, economic uncertainty and stress on individuals and groups. Sharma explains.

How to Avoid
In order to avoid depression, we must reassess our aspirations. In parents, parents should teach their children the skills of aspiration control. This can help children avoid future depression. Don't take unnecessary stress. Regular meditation can be helpful if you have depression, anxiety, insomnia.

The healing process
Depression is cured by eating the drug. Psychotherapy is also an integral part of its treatment. There is an effective cure for depression. If not treated properly, the end of the disease is suicide.

What to do if you feel depressed?
    - Talk to your heart with someone you trust. Most people feel good about talking to someone who cares about them.
    - Get expert help. A psychiatrist or health worker can help you.
    - With proper family support, your illness can be cured soon.
    - Remember the joys you had when you were healthy.
    - Exercise regularly, even if it is a short distance walk.
    - Keep in touch with everyone. Meet regularly with family and friends.
    - Maintain regular eating and sleeping habits.
    - Do not use alcohol, including alcohol.
    - If the desire for suicide grows, contact someone to divert attention.

What is depression? How to get out? Depression is one of the world's biggest problems

Throughout the day we are worried about something. Career talk, money talk, failure, talk of friends, physical illness, children's talk, family.

It is natural to worry about human life. We are conscious, we are worried. But, when we cannot manage anxiety, it makes us mentally ill. Because anxiety is a type of mental disorder.

That is, anxiety causes the body to become old and sick. It sets us apart from social life. What has been analyzed is that in the next few years, anxiety or depression will occur on the world's biggest physical problems.

Depression is a deep form of anxiety. Depression is a mental problem. Nor is it possible to treat it with medication. Not through the operation. Because mental management is its most effective method. However, it is not easy to bring a worried person into a precarious position.

What is Depression?

Depression takes place when we begin to think negatively about all aspects of life. When it reaches its peak, people begin to feel that their life is worthless and gradually the man will become depressed.

Anxiety and stress increase the levels of many hormones in the body, including adrenaline and cortisol. Persistent stress and anxiety gradually turn into depression.

Psychological symptoms of depression

1. Take constant care
2. Be concerned about the health
3. Negative thoughts come to mind
4. Misleading thoughts come to mind
5. Dislike at work
6. Nature is irritable
7. Get angry at the little things
8. Change in mood
9. Act like crazy
10. Love to be alone
11. Nightmare
12. Never be happy
13. Speak less
14. To be scared

Physical symptoms of depression

1. Headache
2. Heart palpitations
3. Problems with swallowing food
4. Vomiting
5. Go to the bathroom frequently
6. The body is yellow
7. Shortness of breath
8. Ring
9. Muscle aches
1०. Increasing heart rate
11. Shaking the body
12. Sweating
13. Blood pressure fluctuates
14. To be tired

Treatment of depression

During the depression, people feel that their life is over. Let's talk about what are the ways to get out of such negative thinking.

1. To divert attention from the subject

In this plan or strategy, a person withdraws their attention from a depressing situation or problem and tries to engage them in other tasks. It also allows you to stop thinking about the problem, which leads to peace of mind.

 2. Find out the cause of depression

If you want to find a solution to depression, first let's try to find out what causes depression. Then it can be written somewhere. Then think about what might be the solution to this problem. If possible, try to find a solution as soon as possible.

3. Don't worry about the future

The thought of 'what about tomorrow?' Promotes anxiety. So let us always live today because the present is the reality, and let's try to do good in the present. Doing so automatically fixes the future. Every day and every moment of our day teaches us something new and helps us cope with problems.

4. Screams

Some people scream loudly during extreme stress. This is the best way to get rid of a stressful or painful situation. Psychology also prefers screaming in stressful situations.

5. Listening to the song

Listening to songs can also relieve temporarily from stress or stress. A person feels refreshed when listening to a song.

6. Share emotions

One way to reduce stress is to share your feelings with others. When you share grief with your close friends and relatives, your heart is relaxed.

7. Avoiding intoxication

Many people resort to alcohol smoking in the name of relaxation. But, it does them the opposite. People with depression should always stay away from drug addicts.

8. Pranayama

If you want to get rid of tension and depression, do daily Pranayama. This yoga reduces tension, stress or depression and sharpens intelligence.

9. Learn the art of laughing

Smiling is also an important ingredient for reducing stress. Laughter increases the number of endorphin hormones within us and makes us feel relaxed.

1०. Don't be alone

Loneliness is one of the leading causes of depression. If anyone in your family suffers from depression, spend as much time as you can with it. Suicide is thought to be common in people with severe depression. So he should not be left alone.

The experience of returning to normal life with angina disorder

An incident happened 2 years ago. I was dizzy when I heard of a patient suffering from a heart valve operation. That one little thing that made my mind weak. Hearing her pain, I felt anxiety. The pace of the heart increased.

That was the problem with the heart valve change in the world. What if something like this happens to me? That question started to creep into my heart. That was the starting point for my Angie.

After that incident, there was an impression on my brain that I was going to have a big health problem or had died. I started to have problems with my heart valve. Negative thoughts started to roar in my mind.

Symptoms such as sweating from hands and feet, heavy head, eyes wide, eyes unable to think, I say, feeling like I am doing nothing, have no meaning with the outside world.

There was no sleep at night, sweaty sweats, increased breathing speed, breathlessness. It was as if the heart ached, the chest was heavy, there was no feeling of food, there was no hunger, there was no taste in the food, even the mind was empty, there was a state of being unable to remember anything. The body also began to feel very weak.

I was wondering - what happened all of a sudden, I had a major physical problem.

A few days ago, my frosty life began to feel like darkness. After all, how was it, I was confused myself.

Clothes, rotations, etc. were beginning to fade. My mind and mind were concentrated only on myself and every moment I was wondering why I was having such a problem, what was the problem inside me.

Once the symptoms of acute exacerbation and chest aches, headaches, nausea, stomach pains appeared, I was ready to go to the doctor.

The report also showed that the cardiologist, the urologist and the physician showed all the tests. Doctors say that there is no problem, but they themselves have been experiencing unique pain. The doctors did not understand my problem, they did not know my disease.

At one time, I did not know that many symptoms appeared due to mental problems.

The doctor continued to attend. But the problem was not discovered. Eventually, a physician told me that I might have a mental problem. And advised seeing a psychiatrist.

But I began to think about what had happened and to see a psychiatrist. I had no idea I had a mental problem. Nevertheless, I once planned to see a pediatrician. After going there and putting up all the reports and my problems, the doctor told me that I had angina neurosis.

The doctor said Angiitis neurosis is a type of mental problem or anxiety disorder. The doctor then prescribed medication and counseling said that the disease would be cured. The good behavior and counseling that the doctor gave me seemed to solve half my problem there.

Seeing the symptoms in my body, I believed that I had angsty and after a few months of medication I returned home after a week of followup. That day, I felt like my heart was light.

A week's worth of medication had changed me greatly. The problem seems to have subsided. Everything was slowly becoming normal. I was happy to get out of that darkness and confusion. After all, he felt that his greatest heart was happiness.

If there is no happiness in the heart, nothing in the world can give happiness. In order to be happy, I learned that the mind must be filled with positive things, not the bad things in the mind.

Following a regular followup, I reduced the dose to the doctor's advice. I used the medicine for about 3 years. In the meantime, I started changing myself by watching various psychiatric lectures, videos available on the Internet.

Since mental illness is a disease of the mind, I have also been paying attention to things like yoga, meditation, exercise, eating, to calm the mind. I did not take counseling with a psychologist, but I consider medication as well as counseling essential to solving mental problems. My experience has shown that if I take regular medication and counseling, my mental problems will be cured.

Angryness is not a huge problem. With the right treatment and behavioral changes as well as the way of thinking, this problem is completely cured. This requires confidence and positive thinking.

Once a person with a mental problem has the potential to appear later. In my case, when something bad happens, if something goes wrong, something bad happens, it becomes a serious illness, the need to worry about the future, things like fear, etc. sometimes come to mind. But I ignore such things and go ahead with my mind.

Another important thing is that society also has to change its attitude and thinking towards people with mental problems. People with mental illness and those who have recovered also share their experiences with other mentally ill. Family and support are also very important for people with mental problems.

Disease and Fear: How Does the Heart Tiger Eat?

'I was not scared of death and don't be afraid to die. When death is not feared, other minor diseases will do nothing. I've been healthy all my life. Aiya and never have to do it. ' Often people are scared to death. Therefore, fear of death will cause them to stumble. Therefore, even when we have a minor disease, we are not afraid. Let's go to the hospital. We'll show you to the doctor. We eat medicine.
The body is not always the same. Sometimes there are some uncomfortable issues. Weakness is experienced. Not everything is perfect. Rice is not interested No sleep Now we have fear. "Hey, I'm not sick? Will this disease cause me to die? 'Thinking like this, we start to feel more vulnerable. We begin to find ourselves relaxed and innocent. Fear relieves our vibration. Sweat comes Fearing we reach the hospital. By the time the report arrives, we are grieving over the disease. The report comes. Nothing really looks like Suddenly our image grows. Feeling hungry. The body begins to experience something different.
The mind is sicker than the body. With a minor problem in the body, the mind starts to panic. The heart is terrified.
Be careful and alert to your body. Without knowing it, some diseases can spread. It is better to avoid the disease than to cure the disease. Having said that, it is not good to live in fear of the disease. When we begin to fear illness, our heart fears. When the mind is terrified, many parts of the body cannot function properly. When you are scared, the heart moves. That is, there is a mess in the blood system. This disorder leads to other diseases.
There is a saying in Nepali society, 'A tiger in the forest does not eat, the tiger of the heart has eaten.' The heart is timid. That is why we are scared inside even when nothing is happening. When the tiger of the heart begins to eat, we begin to feel stress. Stress causes anxiety. Depression by anxiety. Depression causes many other problems. In this way, we fall into the swamp of disease.

Have a story One prisoner serving a heinous crime was told, 'Now you will be sentenced to death. And, that execution will be slaughtered by a poisonous snake. 'He was taken to a dark room. Eyes bandaged. Placed in a corner. After some time, some on his feet were treated like scum. He found out he had lost. That's when the eyebar opened. He saw a snake running away from his feet. The prisoner thought the snake was drowned. The poisonous snake was said to be drowned. He died in fear. In fact, he was not possessed by a snake. The essence of this story is that we get sick with a sting or a heart attack. We reach death. With an injury, we start thinking about it a lot. Will this injury ever be healed? Should I be injured for a lifetime? It is with this fear that we begin to relax. Someone has to crash on the road. His body did not hurt at all. Yet, he is smitten or unconscious. They lose consciousness after an accident because they think it is difficult to survive.A sharply wounded dog survives a deeply wounded dog. However, injuries do not survive. Why? Because even if a dog hurts, it does not cause fear. The fear and fear of the people begin to wither. If the mind is strong and fearless, then the disease is cured. If a patient who is shaking in a hospital bed gets no fear, then treatment is more effective. Because when people increase their self-esteem, their ability to fight the disease also increases. Therefore, fear of the heart must be overcome. Methods like yoga, pranayama, and meditation also help to keep the mind stable, calm and strong. We can also live a healthy life by following such practices.

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